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You could win NYX Cosmetics and Beauty Army!

Giveaway time!! If I get to 400subscribers, I'm going to give away a 1 month Subscription to Beauty Army and this awesome NYX Cosmetics set! That's right, Gorgeous, if I reach 400 subscribers by January 31, 2013,you could win everything you see above which includes:

Shea Terra Organics : Moroccan Rose Water

"Leave your skin silky soft as you tone and hydrate with true rose water.100% Natural. Moroccan rose water is great for tired eyes, moisturizing skin, cooling inflamed skin and much more."
Toner, the often oh-so-forgotten step of our skincare regime is an import part of our arsenal and should not be cast aside so quickly. Toners balance the skin and remove debris left behind after using masks and soaps. Toners also prepare skin for the next steps: serums and moisturizers.
Antioxidant rich Rose Water is a byproduct of steam distillation, the process that's used to isolate the plant's essential oil.  One of the main benefits of rose water is that it acts as an anti-inflammatory, soothing irritated skin.

Covergirl / BzzAgent : Flipstick Swatches and Review

I really enjoyed this collection. FlipStick is not one of the lipsticks I would have gone out of my way to purchase and a big part of that is the lacking of staying powder and the fact most shades do not stay tube true: they usually turn bubblegum pink. While I did fall victim to this unfortunate happening during this buzz it was not from the one I thought: It was from the orange hued Stunner.

The lighter shades were too frosty to wear on their own yet the darker shades are amazing, I would purchase more of those! These are highly pigmented and very frosty and very metallic - not a look everyone can pull off. This is the best Covergirl lip product that I have used. They were moisturizing, non-drying and long lasting. I would recommend these duos.

Christmas 2012 Haul : Coach, NuMe and Ciate!

The Ciate Mini Mani Set, where behind each door lies a very colorful surprise. I came across this Nordstrom exclusive during a late night of online window shopping. I opted to pick it up in store which was the Saturday after Thanksgiving and on the way home decided to have my boyfriend give it to me for Christmas. Since I haven't actually seen this set or any other Ciate paint pots in person, it was a cyber-surprise. A $168 value, it retailed for $58.00 and was created in limited quantities which sold out very quickly.

Enspri : Ultra Collagen Facial Treatment Review

From my November Beauty Army Kit, this is Ultra Collagen, a 2 part mask by Enspri. I was not sure if I wanted to use this facial treatment because I was afraid it would deposit too much hydration, as it is designed as an anti-aging product, and irritate my acne. As you can see from the pictures below, my face is broken out. I am grateful that I decided to mix and apply this amazing product, the results were so outstanding, it looked like I had a 90 minute facial.

I started by shaking the entire packette like  sugar pack. This ensured that the powder didn't spill when I tore the top off. From the photo above you can see I did not rip the entire top off of the packette, since you mix the 2 parts, only separated by a perforated edge, I tore side 1 open to the center edge to retrieve the powder and then tore side 2 open in the opposite direction to access the gel. Since I could not shakes the gel down, I used my thumb and pointer finger to move all the gel to the bottom of the packette…

pur-lisse : pur-eye adore Review

I was introduced to pur~lisse through BeautyARMY. Although I didn't have the opportunity to select pur~lisse for one of my Kits, I knew from reading reviews that people loved the products. So when I came across a full size, brand new in the box, pur~eye adore at TJ Maxx, I pounced.

This cream/gel formula is very light weight and soothing. It absorbs quickly and leaves my delicate eye skin very comfortable. Because pur~eye adoreabsorbs without trace residue on the surface, it has neverwarmed and moving into my eyes nor has it cause additional acne or acne irritation. I have had my fair share of eye creams clogging pores and causing breakouts.

LVX : Legendaire, Vegan Polish Swatch and Review

It makes sense. I have moved all of my skincare to all natural, mostly Indie Lee, why not move my polish and cosmetics too? I made a commitment to myself that I would not purchase nail polish unless it was 3-free and cruelty free. Then I met LVX and my commitment to healthy living just stepped it's game way up.
Ever since Beauty Army gave away the LVX Summer 2012 collection, I have wanted to try one of these gorgeous, fashion forward vegan polishes. Again, Black Ops to the rescue! The $16 bottle was priced at $12 making it a steal. I chose Legendaire,  an opaque majestic gray with a crème finish. While it looks a bit more purple online it is this super sexy gray with a tint of purple. Just enough to give it interest.

CVS : a L'Oreal and Physicians Formula Haul

It was one of those... 'I don't need anything but I'm sooo close to another $5ExtraBucks beauty reward.... so......" purchases. You know what I'm talking about.

Shea Terra Organics : Marula Body Nectar

I love dry oil. It is my favourite product to use to moisturize my body skin. I have always felt that lotions and creams just sit there never fully sinking in which makes me feel greasy, even dirty, like I need to shower. Of course that has much to do with the ingredients of the product, but heavy feeling all the same.

When I made my very first Shea Terra Organics haul, I grabbed a bottle of Marula Shea Body Nectar Spray Oil.  Made from cold pressed marula oil, one of the most anti-oxidant rich oils in the world, it smells like warm almond cookies. But not in a youth-fragrance kind of way. This is mature and sexy. The interesting thing about this scent is, it dissipates quickly so I can wear my normal perfume, as usual.  Created with pure fractionated oil of the shea butter fruit, it is a moderately heavy weighted product that does not quickly run making it easy to use. I will say the spray bottle sprays with force in more of a stream pattern than a misting spray. I find spraying 4 p…

Kat Von D : Lipstick Duo Swatches and Review

I wanted these so badly, I didn't realize the duet was perfectly purse-sized;
I thought they were full size.
I have so many lipsticks, this is actually better!

Kate Spade : A Stocking Stuffer Haul

I only went for the Bobby's.

Faux Lash : A Cyber Monday Haul

This was an unexpected haul that I made at the last minute and am grateful that I did and wish I purchased more! I had the pleasure of meeting Faux Lash during the Spring when they popped inside Beauty Army Headquarters.

After our meeting I started to follow their Facebook page where I saw a post aout a fab Cyber Monday sale. And fab it was: 50% off of their lashes! I browsed the pages and made my decision. I was only after traditional lashes and as you can see, I purchased anything but.

Emani : Name Dropper Swatch and Review

My colleagues met the most amazing Brand at a trade show. Like you, up until a few months ago, I had never heard of Emani Minerals, a vegan beauty company established in 1998.

I was treated to a full size Organic Lip Shine gloss in Name Dropper. This PETA certified company is not only dedicated to the creation of amazing cosmetics they are dedicated to avoiding the further depletion of our natural resources. Whenever possible, they utilize only sustainable and recycled resources – such as 100% recycled paper packaging (25% post consumer, 75% pre consumer) and 100% biodegradable, soy-based ink.

What I want to take a moment to point out to you is the bunny on the box. This green bunny is a one-of-a-kind PETA certification, meaning Emani is PETA approved.

Sephora : Black Friday Haul

Hello Black Friday deals! Sephora had a fun promo with a variety of things priced at $10.00. I picked up 5 of those deals, earned free shipping and used a promo code to score a makeup bag by OPI with 14 samples.I am donating the contents.

Pantone : Emerald 2013 Colour of the Year

Pantone has announced Emerald as the 2013 Colour of the Year. "Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony." Do you have a favourite item in emerald? xoxo • Nancy-Lee

Lipsi Cosmetics : Under Oath a Lipstick Review

"A full coverage lipstick that is as creamy as butter. This buttery lipstick is formulated with antioxidants to keep your lips fabulously soft, even after taking the lipstick off."

This is Lipsi Cosmetics best selling lipstick. It is a complex blend of rose pink, light brown and mauve which matches and enhances the natural lip color of every woman. I am pretty much a sucker for anything labeled Best Seller and I since love their Aphrodite Powder, I felt confident to purchase this sight unseen. Then I was reminded that one of my coworkers owns this lipstick so I was able to swatch it and instantly fell in love.

I was waiting for the right time to pouce - Black Ops was that time! While this lipstick was not promotionally priced, I bought it when I had earned free shipping and was able to use a Beauty Badge deepening my savings 15%.

Victoria's Secret : Black Friday Beauty Bag Haul

This was great timing. I needed new under thingies and Victoria's Secret was running their  Buy 1 Bra Get 1 for 50% Off. Since I am small chested, I have to order my bras online, the stores do not carry small cup sizes. Stop discriminating against the itty bitty titty comity, Victoria's Secret!! Joking aside, I got some beautiful bras and I also picked up 3 Lacie Hipsters for $33. Together these items pushed me over the threshold to gain their Black Friday Beauty Bag packed with:

You Da Balm : Coconut Lip Balm Review

I think those of us who love coconut know, it can go so wrong so fast. Completely skeptical I was assured by a colleague that this is the most amazing lip balm and it will smell completely 'real'. My October BeautyARMY Selection Window opens, I am offered Coconut and I select it. I LOVE coconut. I find it tropical and sexy.

Super hydrating without feeling greasy, this clear formula glides on smoothly without leaving behind a waxy feeling and it does not bleed off of my lips. I like to use it under my dryer lipsticks, it helps those products glide on which makes them easier to wear and more forgiving to any dry lip skin. I liked this by its self so much, I ordered a Variety Pack on Black Friday. I couldn't resist! They were on sale 3 for $5.99! This full size lip balm has a value of $3.32. I rate Coconut a coveted 5 out of 5 stars. I can't wait to try the other 2 flavours, Grapefruit and Tea Tree.

Click here to see my entire October Kit!
Born in Brooklyn and bred of soul,…

Bath and Body Works : A Black Friday Haul and Review

Ok, I have to tell the story.I was NOT going to go out on Black Friday but then I talked myself into it around 8:00pm. I threw on some makeup and jeans and headed to the shops. I knew I wanted to purchase all of the above and the Bag. I knew I could turn it into a great gift or donation. I also knew this was the only day that you could stack your coupons instead of making a bunch of little purchases and I wanted to be able to take advantage of this opportunity. I was after some specific things: hand soap, shower gel and the VIP bag.

Cor : The Silver Soap. A Skincare Review

You know when you find a product that you just have to tell every body about? This is that product. Meet The Silver Soap from Cor. This is truly unlike any skincare product that I have used. Don't think of it as another facial soap - Think of it as a former tube of creamy foaming cleanser which has been dehydrated.

Deborah Lippmann : Ray of Light Swatch and Review

Wow. This is an amazing shade. The way the copper dances off of the cobalt is truly an intergalactic experience. One of the more expensive lines of polish that I own, Ray of Light is an electric indigo nail lacquer that is part of the 3D Holographic collection that is proportionately speckled with copper glitter.

I start and finish as usual: First one coat of Nail Foundation form Butter LONDON and I top it all of with Hardware top coat. In between, I started with my first coat of Ray of Light. It went on with a gel-like consistency. It was goopy but not in a dried-out way. It was more like the product was a bit separated even after a through mixing. I waited about one minute and applied the second coat. I could see the same goopy consistency as I pulled the brush from the bottle but like magic, it smoothly and evenly melded together providing a gorgeous finish.

Nailene : Press On Adhesive Tabs

This is one of those wooohooo purchases. I *knew* I spotted these 'somewhere' and was super excited to score them at CVS last week on a Buy1Get1 50% off sale.

See, I grabbed a set of MAC Ruffian press-on nails in DemiLune and they are pre-glued. Hoping to make my $24 investment go beyond one wear, I was actively looking for glue strips sold separately and was pretty confident that I would find them in either a drugstore or a beauty supply store.

From Nailene, this 24 tab set retails for $3.19 per set and is said to wear for 5 days. I'm not planning on wearing my press-on's that long but it makes me feel better knowing they will not pop off at an inopportune time.

Whip Hand Cosmetics : Beauty Army Locked+Loaded

Whip Hand Cosmetics develop and manufacture their cosmetics and skincare in-house in Detroit. Produced in small lots, by hand, this is a labor-intensive process allows Whip Hand to create trend-setting products and bring those products to the market faster ensuring they stay ahead of every fashion curve.

Reporting for Duty: We're Locked+Loadedwith this universally flattering iridescent brown. It is the first in a series of four army-themed loose powder eyeshadow pigments created exclusively with BeautyARMY. Not a rich mocha, this shade is more of a fawn satin with a touch of gold and the tiniest kiss of mauve taupe. This final hue is not noticeable once the shadow is applied and you might not have detected it had I not said something.

Shimmering without glitter or frost, Locked+Loaded provides best results when when you start with an eyeshadow primer. Sprinkle some of the Locked+Loaded into the cap and dip your applicator using a swirling motion to pick up product and gently tap off …

essie : Miss Fancy Pants Swatch and Review

A refined, chic, greige. I couldn't have said it better myself. This is exactly what I would envision if you told me to mix beige and gray. With a creamy opaque finish Miss Fancy Pants covers evenly with only 2 coats. I have noticed that essie polishes tend to thicken during the application process. By the time I get to my 8th finger on coat one, the brush seems to be a tad goopy. Even when I close the bottle and wait a minute or two between coats, it is still thicker than when I started. With that being said, it has never wrecked my finish, the polish is always streak-free and even. I am only wearing two coat of Miss Fancy Pants - no base or top coat. This fabulous shade is the ultimate neutral; not nude and boring but not too industrial either. This full size glass bottle retails for $8.00 and is available at your favourite drugstores and chain-store salons. I rate Miss Fancy Pants 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you're looking for a different kind of neutral nail, this polish is for…

MAC : Ruffian Manicure in DemiLune Gold.

I had the pleasure of attending M•A•C Glamour Daze holiday2012 event with the uber fabulous Franci, editor of The Fashion Palate. We lived the ultimate big girl dream:sipping grapefruit laced cocktails & nibbling on canapes, we swatched, tested and played with makeup!

Skinn Cosmetics : Review and Swatches of Three Twin Sets.

See my review with swatches of Coral Poppy, here!
A few days ago I reviewed Coral Poppy, a spirited reddish orange, a perfect compliment to the colour of the year. I have since had the opportunity to review 2 more shades of Skinn Cosmetic's Twin Set: Pink Tulip and Summer Rose. Just like the Coral Poppy, I found these full size lipsticks to be just as creamy and rich with quite an opaque velvet finish. The other end of the perfectly palm-sized container reveals a beautiful gloss that I swatched alone and over the included lipstick giving me a shiny pout. It is packed with Vitamin E, Soy and Aloe to soothe even the driest of lips.

Deborah Lippmann : Private Dancer Review and Swatches

Private Dancer is a gilded ultraviolet that actually flips or changes color when seen from different angles. It's a cool, completely unique look that almost appears as though you dipped your fingertips in liquid metal.
This is a brilliant shade of purple when you are looking straight at my nails but a tiny tilt and it revels it's secret - a mystical irridescense of copper.Look yet again and you're pretty sure it is burgundy. What ever the true identity, this polish is hot! And the ever-guessing hues make it an instant playful classic.

I started off as I always do,shaping my nails with my Diamancel#2 nail file. I like to keep them short so I can easily type and text. I prime with one coat of Nail Foundation by Butter LONDON, apply two coats of Private Dancer and finish with one coat of Hardware by Butter LONDON.

Delizioso : Mangosteen and Acai Facial Cream Review

I discovered Delizioso Skincare through Beauty Army, having been able to select a sample of Mangosteen & Acai Super Anti-Aging Facial Cream. Since moving all of my skincare to all natural products, I was super excited when this popped up in my selection window. Looking for added sunscreen, this medium weight facial cream provides SPF 30 protection.

OPI : I Don’t Give a Rotterdam! Swatch and Review

You know when you find a new nail polish and it's so awesome you want to reapply it as soon as it's time for a change? That'sI Don’t Give a Rotterdam!A sassy steal-blue shimmer from OPI's Holland collection.

I knew at the first stroke that I was in love. This is the perfect mix of gray and blue with the exact amount of goldshimmer for interest and attention.This is exactly what myWinter wardrobe was looking for, especially when I pair it with my favourite jeans and a charcoal cashmere sweater.

I started and finished with 1 coat each of the usual suspects: Butter LONDON Nail Foundation base coat and Hardware a quick-dry high-sine top coat. In between, I applied 2 coats of I Don’t Give a Rotterdam. They applied evenly without streaking and dried to a smooth finish.

This is a mini-bottle, originally from the Dutch Treats collection, has a value of $2.75 and I purchased it as part of an OPI haul, which you can see here.

With it's easy application and gorgeous colour, I rat…

Murad : Clarifying Cleanser Review

From the Acne Complex collection, Clarifying Cleanser is your first step in fighting blemishes. With a medicated scent, Salicylic Acid and Menthol are first to welcome you to the party. I've been using natural and vegan skincare products for several months so I find the addition of these acne fighters harsh. While I am grateful it is clearing up a terrible bought of acne that I have been suffering for almost 2 months, it is also making all of my facial skin tight. I admit this used to be a welcomed feeling especially during the Summers months but for the most part, I've had my sebum output under control with my new skincare regime.

None the less, I put Murad's Clarifying Cleanser to the test. A transparent gel formula, I wet my face, apply a little Cleaner to my wet Clarisonic and follow the beeps. It rinses cleanly, removes my makeup completely I did not use this on my eyes and fought my acne. I felt caught in a cycle: My eyes are stinging and my face is cold from the Men…

Skinn Cosmetics : Coral Poppy Twin Set Review and Swatch

Another amazing brand introduced to me through a Beauty Army Kit. Meet Skinn Cosmetics, launched in 2002 by Dimitri James

"Before starting Skinn Cosmetics, I worked for twenty years with the largest cosmetic houses in the world. I found myself constantly frustrated with the way they did business. Unfortunately, the big cosmetic companies never seem to care about making quality products that actually help the consumer. Their “formula” was always the same: make a cheap product, put it in a fancy jar with a nice box and charge as much as possible. After learning that I was never going to change how those big companies do business from within, I realized I needed to change the nature of the very industry in which they operate." -Dimitri James

One of the perks of Beauty Army is meeting these amazing niche brands. You are introduced to some truly awesome products from companies that are off of the mainstream radar. Case in point: Skinn Cosmetics. This collection is currently…

essie : Recessionista Swatch and Review

Spoiled once again from Klout Perks and essie with Recessionista. I first spotted this shade on Pinterest and has a good giggle when it was sent to me through a perk.

I Coloniali : Tibetan Shower Cream with Rhubarb Review

Rhubarb is the star ingredient in this rich shower-time treat. Traditionally used in ancient Chinese herbal remedies, the plant has long been known for its restorative properties. It draws toxins out from the skin, promoting radiance and suppleness. Your skin will be noticeably smoother post-shower.

Spicy. Masculine. Sexy. Exotic. These are the things I think of every time I unscrew the lid revealing the secret to this mystical Tibetan shower cream. I can't get enough of it, the scent is amazing. So sensual. From Italy, I was impressed with this product from start to finish. I love the aluminum can, the corrugated paper wrapper and most importantly, the product.

When I first read the label and saw Rhubarb, I was perplexed. What does that smell like? Imagining this plethora of sweet, tart fruit, I am so glad that I was wrong. A moderate weight, milky white cleanser, this shower cream provides a nice lather and performs effectively. It leaves my skin super soft and makes me and th…

OPI: DS Mystery Swatch and Review.

This multiple personality lacquer appears to be black with copper shimmer from first glance. But appearances can be quite deceiving. Described as an alluring dark violet diamond shimmer, DS Mystery is a midnight purple which iridesces blue. Speckled with shimmer not glitter, it has a delicate sparkle that is also easy to remove. DS Mystery is part of the OPI Designer Series line.

I started with Butter LONDON Nail Foundation base coat and applied 2 coats of DS Mystery followed by 1 coat of Butter LONDON Hardware high shine top coat. DS Mystery went on evenly and easily and I did not experience any clumping or streaking.

This 3-Free collection features the OPI ProWide™ Brush which applied my 2 coats quickly and evenly. Not a fan of the ProWide™ Brush? Try turning it on it's 'side' where it is actually more narrow.

This shade lasted 3 days before it chipped which is a long time in my book! I am super excited that I purchased this and I only wish I had used it sooner! I grabbed i…

Institut Karite : Extra Gentle Shower Cream Reviews

Several months ago I made a purchase on Hautelook which included 7 Institut Karite body care products. Two of the seven items were a set of shower creams, Mango and Red Fruits. Immediately I was pleased by the size of the products, 8.45 oz and the packaging. Extra Gentle Shower Cream is held in a square plastic squeeze bottle with a flip-open cap.  Worried I would break the cap at the hinge, I can say I used both shower creams, in their entirety and I did not suffer cap failure!

Eco Options: Trade In Christmas Lights at Home Depot

Put a little extra twinkle in your Christmas decorations. Until November 14th, recycle your old incandescent Christmas lights at The Home Depot and save on new energy-efficient LED strands with Home Depot's Christmas Light Trade-In event!

Check out the full Christmas Light Recycling infographic on The Apron Blog:

SkynICELAND: Hydro Cooling Eye Gels

In just ten minutes, this cooling transdermal gel patch infuses the eye area with concentrated doses of soothing ingredients to firm, tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Peptides and botanicals improve blood flow and reduce puffiness while advanced antioxidants help prevent future damage. The patch, a cutting-edge delivery system, is easy to both apply and remove and is non-irritating.
The very first thing I feel is the coolness coming through the back of the eye gels. Like a sticker, you peel the back off and apply to your orbital area. The backing is a little tricky to start removing, as if it is too sticky but once you get the paper started it's easy to remove. I apply the gel under my eye with the thin part winging out along my temple. I repeat with the other side and immediately notice that they feel heavy; Not as in weight but in presence. I know that they are there. My skin feels like I have 2 pieces of cotton-topped scotch tape under my eyes. It …

Delizioso Skincare: A Cosmetic Review with Swatches

I am becoming more and more conscious of the ingredients in my skincare and cosmetics so I was super excited to be able to try and swatch a few additional makeup and body care products from Delizioso Skincare. All products contain 100% Naturally pure and Certified Organic ingredients. They are also Paraben Free, Alcohol & Chlorine Free, Petrochemical Free, GMO Free, Gluten Free, Fragrance Free, Formaldehyde Free and Pesticide Free.

Drenched in Illamasqua - A Lipstick Review

This is the first product that I have purchased from Illamasqua, a UK based cosmetic company offering 'makeup for your alter-ego'. Created in 2008 and designed with nighttime in mind, Illamasqua provides a vast colour range without sacrificing professional quality.

Described as a pink berry red with a matte finish, Drech will undoubtedly make a statement. Opaque and highly pigmented, I find the formula to be incredibility creamy and surprisingly smooth. It stays put without deep staining, eliminating the need for multiple applications.

Purchased from Sephora for $22, a median price point for designer makeup, Illamasqua provides products that are free from animal testing, which is important to me. Drench is  a shade I will rock during the day as well as night and I rate this lipstick 4.5 out of 5 stars. I love the coverage, the application is smooth and non-drying. The formula is creamy and lightweight, colour-true and non-feathering. I'm looking forward to trying other shade…

Popping My Falsie Cherry. An Amateurs Application.

I will be the first to admit, I didn't think eyelashes made that big of a difference. I have been blessed with thick long lashes and full lips. I decided to teach myself how to apply falsies so I would look better in pictures and videos as well as speak intelligently to BeautyARMY members who ask for tips. I chose the least expensive pair that I  have, in case I had to cut them or generally managed to screw them up. Nope. Easier than I thought. I applied a little glue to the plastic eyelash plate and used the back of my tweezers to transfer glue to the lashes. Thank you for that tip, xSparkage.

Pure Anada: Luminous EyeShadow and Blush Swatches

From Manitoba, Canada, Pure Anada are synthetic preservatives, dyes, fragrance and flavor, petrochemical and animal cruelty free. I received a few sample packettes in an all-natural samples box and I would like to share the swatches with you.

Lush: A Cosmetics Haul, part deux. Review and Swatches

I grabbed a few treats from the new Lush vegan cosmetics line, a lipstick and an eyeshadow. Super excited to wear my new treasures to work the next day, I came home to swatch the shades and unfortunately discovered that my eyeshadow has been tested by another customer in the store. Refusing to put something on my eye that was probably touching someone elses dirty hand, I returned the shadow and exchanged it for the Eyes Right mascara. A more appropriate choice for me, anyway.

DFandC Co. YSL and Lancome: A Discount Haul

By now you know that I can not resist cosmetics when they are on sale. Not only is it extremely difficult to find makeup on sale when you do find it, it's not the 'good stuff'. Well, it is now!! I was introduced to Designer Fragrance & Cosmetic Co around 1999/2000 - a Lancome based outlet and the brands under the parent umbrella; YSL, kiehl's, Polo and Giorgio Armani Cosmetics to name a few. I've been lucky to score a few YSL items for as much as 70% off of full retail and this trip yielded a few scores too!

clickR: Daily Dermabrasion Wash Review & Swatch

Seriously, I could write a blog on only acne treatments. When Daily Dermabrasion Wash came into my life, I was like - whatever - another product promising results. Well, I'm here to tell you, ClickR delivers. This gentle face cleanser cut through the grease and grime to efficiently cleanse my face while micro-beads offered light exfoliation to keep it flake free so my treatments could work more effectively at killing my blemishes.

Not familiar with clickR? Designed for younger skins this line uses no artificial colours, parabens, phthalates, sulfates or petrochemicals. In addition to this line being completely vegan, there are no endocrine disruptors, benzoyl peroxide or allergen fragrances. Seriously, why do I need perfume in my face care? What are companies trying to cover up?

Simple to use, I skipped the Clarisonic with this one, I wet my face, put a dollop of product on my fingers, rubbed my left and right hands together to distribute the cleanser and went to town, applying this…