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100% Pure Purity Hydrating Tonique

I have been looking for natural alternatives to my skincare regime and this toner has won a permanent spot!  I have used Clinique's Clarifying lotion #3 for 20 years and although I am extremely happy with it, I am looking to be more green.
I tip the bottle twice onto my cotton round.  Not saturating, just 2 damp spots.  I was afraid that my skin would feel sticky after the application since there wouldn't be an evaporation period due to the lack of alcohol, but it didn't feel that way.  As an oily skin the last thing I want to feel is sticky residue after I washed all the grime off.  I actually enjoy the addition of alcohol;  I like the coolness and the quick dry-down time.  Not only do I feel comfortably hydrated, this product does dry down completely.