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Keep Birchbox or say Birchnots?

This was my first Birchbox.  Sure for $10 it was a blast - "dove" zoya nail polish, a cement gray, right on trend. "liv grn" parfume sample.  It smells fresh and yummy like you're passing just-cut pear through the window of a jasmine filled night.  "Wild Rose" facial lotion by Weleda, have not tried this yet.  CAN'T WAIT to use the foaming cleanser by SukiFace.  The lemongrass is so intoxicating I want to scoop it out with my finger and eat it. And finally, chamomile tea, which I drank before this pic was taken! I blame the black licorice!  There is a little card enclosed that you can plant and it will turn to wild flowers. 

Rollin Rollin Rollin

Keep your coupons rolling...... How to roll your CVS ExtraBucks and WAG RapidRewards to pay as little OOP as possible.
Let's use today's purchase from CVS as our example and see how I paid only $18.85 for $89.14 in product for (4) showergels, (2) powder drink mixes (2) Arm&Hammer dryer sheets (1) Vitamin D (4) Cranberry supplements (2) Finish tabs (1) Nivea cellulite serum (2) GreenBag Tags.