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Showing posts from November 16, 2014

Weleda 6 piece Body Oil Starter Set.

I was browsing a different +Target in town looking through their selection of Pacifica when a rainbow caught my eye. That rainbow turned out to be the Body Oil Starter Set by +Weleda. For $14.99 I have the opportunity to try the complete body oil collection through these .34 ounces deluxe samples sized glass vials. Formulated with a variety of different oils and essential blends, these six products are quite different from one another, not only in scent but in weight and viscosity.

Poppin Cherries. A 100% Pure Nail Polish Review.

This is a hard hue to capture. Cherry Pop is a tart, plummy red creme nail polish from +100% Pure. This vegan lacquer covers opaquely with only 2 coats, levels evenly but this bottle has been taking a little longer than the other hues to fully dry. Once cured, I recommend sealing Cherry Pop with a high shine top coat to protect it from edging. This is a gorgeous shade for fall. It will look amazing with a gold leaf/fleck topper. xoxo •Nancy-Lee