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Celeste, an Infamous Intrepid Blue by LVX.

Luminous and powerful, this tranquil shade pays tribute to Callais, the infamous intrepid blue from our debut Summer Collection. With complex white undertones, Celeste is expressive and dynamic. Pair this cool blue with vibrant coral, like our very own Deco.
This shade deserves to be decorated. Even as a standout on it's own, Celeste wants a wing man. As always, I started with a base coat, this time I chose Nailtiques Formula2, followed by 2 smooth coats of Celeste and topped it off with Butter London Hardware top coat. This shade lasted 2 days before small chips started to make their appearance on the edge of my nails. Celeste is a beautiful shade and I cant wait to pump it up with something else.... I own Deco, too!
Retailing for $16, I rate this 5-free vegan nail polish 4.5 stars. The LVX collections are always bottle true, easy to apply & remove and the fashion forward shades add a new level of modern-classic accessory to my nail collection. xoxo •N…

Funky Cold Modena. LVX Swatches and Review.

This alluring poppy red will stimulate and enliven your attitude for the summer season. This season's classic red, Modena is an essential shade that everyone should incorporate into their wardrobe. Pair this seductive red with white and neutrals.
This is a dreamy red. Kissed with blue, it is not the pink poppy you might have been thinking of, it is more like the flower that represents Veterans day. Bright, delicious and daring. This is an amazing shade of red that offered an opaque, creamy finish with only 2 coats. I left this shade on for 6 days and was pretty impressed to discover there was zero staining on my nails which is unheard of when it comes to red. It lasted 3 days before it chipped and stayed bright and beautiful. Retailing for $16, I rate Modena a coveted 5 out of 5 stars.


Spending the Summer with LVX

I can't resist.
It's as if they speak to me.
I grabbed 4 of the LVX Summer 2013 collection from How amazing are these shades? Celeste, Deco, Mynt and Modena. 5-Free, this vegan line just gets better and better with each limited edition collection. While the shades are seasonal, the hues are timeless. Which is your favourite?

A Kate Spade Memorial Day haul

I am one of those soles who can brave a designer outlet mall during a holiday sale extravaganza. It's as if I engage my super power; patience. Once I checked out and reveled in my final score, I was reminded why I waited 20 minutes in queue to enter the Kate Spade outlet in Livermore. I know, it sounds crazy to wait in line to spend money.
I was going to the Kate Spade shop for a new piece of jewelry, a necklace specifically when The Fashion Palate alerted me to the discounted flip-flops. Funny thing is, I was actually in the market for new flip-flops but Kate Spade was the last store I would think to look. I am so glad I sought them out. They were reasonably priced - $45 down to $27 - and are so freaking comfortable.