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Showing posts from September 16, 2012

DFandC Co. YSL and Lancome: A Discount Haul

By now you know that I can not resist cosmetics when they are on sale. Not only is it extremely difficult to find makeup on sale when you do find it, it's not the 'good stuff'. Well, it is now!! I was introduced to Designer Fragrance & Cosmetic Co around 1999/2000 - a Lancome based outlet and the brands under the parent umbrella; YSL, kiehl's, Polo and Giorgio Armani Cosmetics to name a few. I've been lucky to score a few YSL items for as much as 70% off of full retail and this trip yielded a few scores too!

clickR: Daily Dermabrasion Wash Review & Swatch

Seriously, I could write a blog on only acne treatments. When Daily Dermabrasion Wash came into my life, I was like - whatever - another product promising results. Well, I'm here to tell you, ClickR delivers. This gentle face cleanser cut through the grease and grime to efficiently cleanse my face while micro-beads offered light exfoliation to keep it flake free so my treatments could work more effectively at killing my blemishes.

Not familiar with clickR? Designed for younger skins this line uses no artificial colours, parabens, phthalates, sulfates or petrochemicals. In addition to this line being completely vegan, there are no endocrine disruptors, benzoyl peroxide or allergen fragrances. Seriously, why do I need perfume in my face care? What are companies trying to cover up?

Simple to use, I skipped the Clarisonic with this one, I wet my face, put a dollop of product on my fingers, rubbed my left and right hands together to distribute the cleanser and went to town, applying this…

Joico: A Violet Haul

The first thing my new hairdresser said to me was to buy violet shampoo. See, I'm working my way blonde again and I'm planning on going pretty light - I do not want to wreck my hearty investment over something as simple as crummy water or the wrong haircare. After all, I didn't pay for the brassy blonde, I paid for the platinum version!

Introduced to Joico by BeautyARMY, I was trolling our twitter line one day and saw @Joico ask their followers what was your favourite Joico item. @SammehJKay responded: Violet shampoo & conditioner.. WHAT?!!!  I need this in my life! @SammehJKay tells me that it is better than some toners she has used. I'm sold. I run to Ulta the next day and score on the Buy2Get1Free sale: 2 shampoos and 1 conditioner. Perfectly purple, I have used it once so far and am in total love.  A very low later, it smells amazing, cleans thoroughly and moisturizes lightly; my hair did not feel weighed down by product. Super excited to have found not only a B…