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Cupcakes and #28Kisses

Not only is this my second #28Kisses post,  today is my birthday! WOOT!!
I was excited to make Cupcake my first Too Faced lipstick purchase. Drenched in shea butter, rich color, and diamond shine, our exclusive formula smoothes out fine lines and creases while it pampers your lips with a flavorful moisture surge of pure champagne essences. This shade is a pale bubblegum pink with silver shimmer. Once on, it is very creamy and super comfortable feeling but I notice when I first apply Cupcake it has a gritty texture in the tube but that feeling does not transfer to my lips Nor do I find it uncomfortable - it is not like I am being scratched, it is simply something I notice.I'm thinking it is the shea butter.

#28Kisses of Besame Red

It's rare that you love a vessel in a way that it completes the experience and needs to be mentioned. The compact, bullet-style tube features exclusive Besame artwork on the golden cover and opens to reveala chiseled red lipstick. This is a lipstick that I would expect to find on my Grandmother's vanity. Not that it is 'old lady' but the design is era appropriate. If I were to see this as a little girl, my shy inquisitive self would 'borrow' it, put it on, try to remove the evidence, replace the tube and deny the incident. And treasure every minute of it.

Unable to locate my lip brush, I take full advantage of the sharp angle that the tip of this lipstick provides. I start by lining the top of my bow, then the bottom of my bow, then I fill in my lips. I learn the hard way that you should not roll your lips with this product in order to distribute it's coverage. Apply. Blot. Wait 2 minutes and apply a second coat. The colour is rich, bold andcompletely vinta…

Need a Lipgloss Boost in Your America.

Lips need a little hit of something special? Our full coverage lip veneers provide high shine, while staying put. These non-sticky formulas go on like lip gloss, but cover like lipstick. LIP HIT™ Lip Veneers come packaged in twist dispensers with flexible applicators shaped like little frosting spatulas. To use, twist once and place a drop on the center of the lip and spread it out for the perfect pout.