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Showing posts from December 4, 2011

Dancing the Tango with Tangerine

Pantone Colour of the Year: Tangerine Tango. A spirited reddish orange, continues to provide the energy boost we need to recharge and move forward.

Opening a can of Get it Done.

I was painting my home office and as I was tweeting my progress, someone commented that they don't paint because of how much spatter ended up on the carpet - even though they had covered the floor. I want to share with you my drop cloth taping method, it keeps my baseboard and flooring paint free. Not to mention you will use 50% less tape!  Click the pictures to enlarge for detail.
I call this the next picture the SOS method.  The old dot and dash, where you tape the baseboard 100% and then try to tape your drop cloth to the taped base board!  Doesn't work does it.  You always tend to drop your drips right in between the tape, right?  Me too.

Retail: An Insiders Guide to Surviving the Shops.

Before I became a beauty blogger, for 17 years I was a retail Store Manager.  I want to share my knowledge and what I consider the insider secrets of how a retail shop operates during 'Holiday' more commonly known as Q4 or 4th Quarter;  November, December and January.
For starters, why do you think it's called Black Friday? It's the day that Retail hopes to get out of the red and get into the black.  It's also a day that seems to trigger an instant thought of fighting.  Fighting for parking.  Fighting for personal space.  Fighting for the last one.  Fighting your way in line and finally fighting fatigue.  The truth: You're only fighting yourself.

The following might explain why you feel frustration when you're shopping this season.