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The Camo Collection is reporting for duty!

Let me be the first to say, had Whip Hand not come into my life I would not have given loose pigment shadows a second glance. I thought what most think: They are messy and hard to work with. Sure, I have a set of loose pigments and glitters that I purchased from iMATS 2012 but the products I chose were not exactly your every day shades. I like my makeup to be more avant-garde than natural but even I want to wear a traditional chocolate eye every now and then!!

On the verge with Viridian by LVX.

Emerald, named Color of the Year for 2013 by Pantone, is this season's it color.
Our adaptation of this stunning gemstone is vivacious and will intensify any outfit.
Pair this bold green with soft, romantic purples, like Azalea.

This shade is amazing and these photos do not do it justice. Not as richly jewel-toned as I was expecting, Ifound Viridianto more emerald with a Miami flair. It is perfectly delicious for Spring and it my new favourite colour... I can not stop staring at my nails!

Mark Makes me Glow Baby, Glow!

When I was growing up, Avon was a big deal. Just about everyone I knew used Avon, selling Avon was very respectable and for the most part you loved when your local rep left a new catalogue, especially if a sample was included! Like most door to door sales, it seemed the older I got the less I saw Avon.

An anti-stress Freeman facial.

I was introduced to Freeman Beauty by Lindsey Guest, BeautyARMY's Co-Founder and CEO. She explained that Freeman was a household name in Canada, premier skincare under the guise of a drugstore umbrella. The formulas are gentle, effective and offer a high value for your money.

Dead Sea Minerals and salts replenish and balance moisture while purging clogged pores. Lavender and Bergamot help achieve an aroma-therapeutic bliss to rinse away stress for smooth and radiant skin. Perfect for all skin types.

This is an easy to apply, quick to wear, fast to remove product. I squeeze some of the Anti-Stress mask onto my finger tips, rub my right and left hands together to warm and distribute the product and apply using small circular motions. One thing I like about this mask, it does not dry rock hard leaving you feeling like you're getting a cement facial. Your skin stays comfortable the whole time.