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Showing posts from December 16, 2012

LVX : Legendaire, Vegan Polish Swatch and Review

It makes sense. I have moved all of my skincare to all natural, mostly Indie Lee, why not move my polish and cosmetics too? I made a commitment to myself that I would not purchase nail polish unless it was 3-free and cruelty free. Then I met LVX and my commitment to healthy living just stepped it's game way up.
Ever since Beauty Army gave away the LVX Summer 2012 collection, I have wanted to try one of these gorgeous, fashion forward vegan polishes. Again, Black Ops to the rescue! The $16 bottle was priced at $12 making it a steal. I chose Legendaire,  an opaque majestic gray with a crème finish. While it looks a bit more purple online it is this super sexy gray with a tint of purple. Just enough to give it interest.

CVS : a L'Oreal and Physicians Formula Haul

It was one of those... 'I don't need anything but I'm sooo close to another $5ExtraBucks beauty reward.... so......" purchases. You know what I'm talking about.

Shea Terra Organics : Marula Body Nectar

I love dry oil. It is my favourite product to use to moisturize my body skin. I have always felt that lotions and creams just sit there never fully sinking in which makes me feel greasy, even dirty, like I need to shower. Of course that has much to do with the ingredients of the product, but heavy feeling all the same.

When I made my very first Shea Terra Organics haul, I grabbed a bottle of Marula Shea Body Nectar Spray Oil.  Made from cold pressed marula oil, one of the most anti-oxidant rich oils in the world, it smells like warm almond cookies. But not in a youth-fragrance kind of way. This is mature and sexy. The interesting thing about this scent is, it dissipates quickly so I can wear my normal perfume, as usual.  Created with pure fractionated oil of the shea butter fruit, it is a moderately heavy weighted product that does not quickly run making it easy to use. I will say the spray bottle sprays with force in more of a stream pattern than a misting spray. I find spraying 4 p…

Kat Von D : Lipstick Duo Swatches and Review

I wanted these so badly, I didn't realize the duet was perfectly purse-sized;
I thought they were full size.
I have so many lipsticks, this is actually better!

Kate Spade : A Stocking Stuffer Haul

I only went for the Bobby's.

Faux Lash : A Cyber Monday Haul

This was an unexpected haul that I made at the last minute and am grateful that I did and wish I purchased more! I had the pleasure of meeting Faux Lash during the Spring when they popped inside Beauty Army Headquarters.

After our meeting I started to follow their Facebook page where I saw a post aout a fab Cyber Monday sale. And fab it was: 50% off of their lashes! I browsed the pages and made my decision. I was only after traditional lashes and as you can see, I purchased anything but.