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Showing posts from September 14, 2014

Victoria's Secret is having a $5 Very Sexy Panty Party!!

Did you attend the +Victoria's Secret panty party? This weekend only, score 3 stringy thingies from the Very Sexy collection, regularly priced at $16.50 for only $6 each and if you're an #AngelCard holder, you pay only $5 per panty! I was holding on to a $15 #AngelReward card so my haul was free! Holla!!xoxo •Nancy-Lee

Pacifica Lip Tint: Vanilla Hibiscus + Coconut Nectar

I redeemed a gift card to Target for +Pacifica Perfume natural color quench Lip Tint in Vanilla Hibiscus and Coconut Nectar. A sheer lip balm, Vanilla Hibiscus has a pink pearlescent finish while Coconut Nectar is coppery.

A Whole Foods Whole Body Haul.

*Squee* I was given a $25 gift card to +Whole Foods Market for bunny sitting and I have been saving it for when a few of my body care faves are on sale. Kiss My Face Tattoo Shade is an SPF 30 formulated with green tea and carrot extract. Even if it is a marketing ploy, it worked. I'll use this to protect my tattoos. I received a sample of +Weleda North AmericaCitrus Body Lotion in a +Birchbox and loooooved the fresh scent so imagine how happy I was when I found the Body Wash and it was 40% off! Holla! Lastly, I added another +Pacifica Perfume product to my collection. This makes 4!!Lotus Garden natural soap is a blend of lotus blossom, green violet leaf, olibanum and pink pepper with a kick of radiant citrus. It is going to be put to the test, tomorrow morning. I still have $9 left to spend.. what should I buy?! xoxo •Nancy-Lee

Squaring off with Sydney.

I opened the box and was not impressed. Brown? Boring. Lesson learned, I'll STFU. I don't know how +SquareHue does it. Each collection seems to be better than the last but it's not. It's that each collection is brought with the same quality and sophistication.

With another awesome stamp in our Passport Collection, September sweeps us away to Sydney. Featuring 2 micro shimmer shades and 1 creme, Join me on a journey down, Oxford, Crown, andKings Street.

I applied 3 coats, each, for full opacity. I love the fall harvest reflecting off of my nails. It's simply scrumptious. 5-Free, the vegan formula is available through monthly subscription only, with nothing else to buy and no pressure to recruit. For $19.99 (including shipping) 3 full size bottles of lacquer are delivered to your door. xoxo •Nancy-Lee