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Such a tweeze.

I know you've heard about it. You might have even thought about having it done. Until all of the what-ifs take over and you think, "I almost jumped on the crazy train."  Well,  ALL ABOARD!
I was the unfortunate recipient of Uni-Brow at birth, so I tweezed. And tweezed and tweezed and tweezed.

*Click pictures to enlarge* 
Think Marlene Dietrich but not professionally plucked.  One was shorter.  One was thicker. Working with the public made it impossible to try and grow them out so I just kept tweezing.

Yves Saint Laurent Eye Shadow Duo

For Ombres Duolumieres in #15 Rich colours and long lasting, this was my favourite pallet Fall '10. With a shimmering all over / highlighting pink 'Shimmering Quartz" and a defining 'Deep Amethyst' purple, this set can be used wet or dry and comes with 2 sponge applicators; one wide for all over coverage and a thin one for lining and defining.  
Highly pigmented, a little goes a long way. I love smudging the darker shade in all of my smokey eye looks - it's dramatic and seductive. They go on silky smooth and never look frosty, just beautiful and are quite long lasting - even for an oily eyelid.
A splurge at $41 ($20.50 per shadow) I have 2 sets and I will probably not buy more because Department Store Divas, get a bigger bang for your buck with Dior's 5 Couleurs Designer pallets.  4 stars out of 5. xoxo

Look 10 pound lighter instantly. Change your bra!

It's true.  Wearing the right bra and lifting the girls from your waist will instantly make you look 10 pounds thinner.  Plus you will stand a little more straight making you taller.
1) Diversify. You need 6 styles in your bra wardrobe: Smooth, strapless, sporty, sexy, t-back and a leisure bra; comfortable and soft.
2) Hit the Sweet Spot. Your nipple should line up half way between your elbow and your shoulder.  If it doesn't you could be wearing the wrong bra.

How To Remove Glitter Nail Polish

How about this little tip Deborah Lippmann shared with me:  How to easily and effortlessly remove glitter nail polish.

I had the pleasure of meeting Deborah Lippmann at a Nordstrom Trend Show a few years ago and took the opportunity to asked her the secret to removing glitter nailpolish. The process she described was so simple, I didn't believe her. Until I put it to the test and could not believe how fast it works; no more scrubbing and scrubbing and finally filing off the rest of the glitter bits. You know what I'm talking about.

Tweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Tweezers

So good - this was a rebuy. I love them.  So fabulous,  I even catch my husband cleaning up strays.  These are perfectly aligned and have hand-filed tips.  These award winning tweezers grip even the tiniest thinnest little hair and remove it completely, quickly.  I do not have an issue where root / hair bulb is left in my skin, looking like a blackhead. I know that sounds disgusting but cheap tweezers are cheap for a reason.  They're comfortably weighted and easy to control. I have had my brows completed with permanent makeup so I use this to keep the center and under part of my brows clean. This is my second purchase - I lost my other pair. They are worth every freaking penny and Tweezerman offers lifetime free sharpening. 5 stars out of 5.