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Save 25% on 100% PURE Eye Shadow singles. Vegan + Gluten Free.

Personally I would choose Star Bright ! Previously known as Champagne , Star Bright is a gorgeous pale yellow gold, perfect for all skin tones.  Did you know that these pressed eyeshadow singles are pigmented from dried fruit powder and they are vegan and gluten free?! Originally  $20, the Pressed Eye Shadow collection is 25% off bringing each recyclable compact to $15. Sign up for Purist Perks to save even more!
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eQua Hand Towel by Manduka

I am always a holdout for accessories that make my life easier.  I tend to be skeptical about 'add-ons' but the eQua Hand Towel isn't a way for Manduka Yoga  to garner more money - it actually makes my time on and off the mat easier. Called a Hand Towel , once unrolled this Seafoam delight was larger than expected.  I use this to sop up sweat whether I'm in practice or at a reggae concert, plus, it's my go-to when drying off after a camp shower.

Why I buy on Black Friday

While I have become less consumerist as I have aged, I still look forward to Black Friday every year. The reason is simple: It is the one time of year I openly shop - and stock up - for the following year.

A Fall haul of Manduka Yoga Clothes + Props

I'm " getting back into yoga ". Like blogging, it slips in and out of my life for no true reason other than poor time management on my personal side. I'm looking for less fuss. Less clutter and less chaos. I'll save the rest of this story for another blog post...  Wanting everything during Manduka's Fall clearance sale happening Black Friday weekend, I restrained myself by choosing only 2 amazing +Manduka Yoga items: First, I grabbed the Cropped Uni . Originally $138, I grabbed this super cool 1-piece for $33.12!

Karma :: It's everywhere you want Lush to be

Continuing my love/hate relationship with +LUSH , #Karma perfume is a must-have for any sexy raver who doesn't want to smell like a sweaty raver!! This eccentric hippy scent comes from a blend of patchouli , sweet orange and lemongrass . Mostly patchouli ! 😛 I like the solid formulation because it is easy to take on the go - the vessel is the size of a quarter - and will never leak. A little goes a long way. xoxo •Nancy-Lee

Charity by Design; Pura Vida Bracelets

Living Pura Vida. My 1st  +Pura Vida Bracelets   haul supports  +Honey Love   +Vegan Outreach ,  +Best Friends Animal Society  ,   beach environmental awareness campaign hawaii with, of course, an anchor to ground my soul. Wait until you get a closer look at the Pineapple Clutch. Start your own collection today! Save 10% off your  +Pura Vida Bracelets  purchase with code 👉🏻NANCYLEE10👈🏻 and don't forget, shipping is free with your 25$ cart.

Vinnegabo by Corkcicle. Canteens for Bougie Camping.

I am taking bougie camping next level with +Corkcicle Canteens. Perfect for picnics, this 25oz Vinnebago keeps wine cold for 24+ hours, retails for 33$ and makes a great water bottle too. ;) The extra wide mouth makes it easy to customize with fruit bits for sangria on the go! xoxo •Nancy-Lee