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Someone asked me to define why my stockpile is one years worth. Coupons are distributed like fashion; seasonally.  You will only see that rock bottom price once maybe twice per year and that's when I strike!  There's sale and than there's SALE but unlike fashion, these sales happen at the start of the season not the end.  

Yes to Blueberry Towelettes Review.

I am currently using the eye cream from the same collection and love it.   It only made sense that I would love these too, right?  I do.   They are amazing.First off: they are 100% biodegradable therefore they are guilt-free.  I use them exclusively at the gym where I take 2 classes back to back.  I use a wipe between the classes to clean off my face, neck and chest and since I have started using these towelettes, the additional breakouts due to excessive sweating has stopped.