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The *Bad Ass* Body Balm by Indie Lee

I was not going to buy this, I absolutely can't stand to put my fingers into products.  I think its dirty!  I don't like the fact I always get product under my nails, and I don't want to inadvertently transfer any bacteria into the vessel.  Yet I realize I am ordering the Eye Balm too, so I tell myself to get over it!  And am I glad I kept it in the cart!
I first heard of Indie Lee through Beauty  I was intrigued by not only her story but how she crafted her skin care.  No green-washing here, only the finest, highest quality ingredients from all over the world.  The first thing I thought of when I unscrewed the top was, it looks like a pot of beeswax; that same goldenrod shade of yellow.

Pore Purifying Black Strips by Boscia

For all skin types, these strips are designed to help unplug the pores across your nose. The 6 strips for $15, contain Charcoal Powder which draws out impurities, Silica to control excess oil and Witch Hazel Extract tightens the look of your pores once the strip is removed.

I follow the directions: wash your face, with dry hands apply a strip to your very wet nose and let dry till hard, about 15 - 20 minutes. I notice as it dries not only does it become hard, it tightens and slightly restricts my breathing.  I believe it is not the strips fault as I only feel this way on one side of my nose, so i blame my placement.

Once it is dry, I peel the sides first and then the tip of my nose, upward.  It requires more force to remove than I was expecting. It's kind of like pulling dry duct tape off my face.  It was tough, uncomfortable and you know what? I got upper epidermal lifting - when the top layer of your skin is removed and it feels & looks like a burn. My nose is on fire. Excelle…