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Why I buy on Black Friday

While I have become more political and less consumerist as I have aged, I still look forward to Black Friday every year. The reason is simple: It is the one time of year I openly shop - and stock up - for the following year.

eQua Hand Towel by Manduka

I am always a holdout for accessories that make my life easier.  I tend to be skeptical about 'add-ons' but the eQua Hand Towel isn't a way for+Manduka Yoga to garner more money - it actually makes my time on and off the mat easier.

Called a Hand Towel, once unrolled this Seafoam delight was larger than expected. I use this to sop up sweat whether I'm in practice or at a reggae concert, plus, it's my go-to when drying off after a camp shower.