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Showing posts from February 14, 2016

Organic Lip Scrub by 100% PURE

Organic Lip Scrub in Sweet Mint
by +100% Pure.
Highly requested to add to the 100% PURE assortment, this vegetarianlip scrub is a blend of organic brown sugar, beeswax, castor, olive + coconut oils, essential oil of peppermint, rosemary + calendula extracts and a sprinkle of Stevia. 

Posey, a vegan Pot Rouge by 100% PURE

Posey. My personal favourite Pot Rouge by +100% Pure.
This vibrant pink only looks intimidating. Pot Rouge applies sheer + the buildable coverage gives you control of colour. Worn alone or as a base to your favourite 100% PURE pressed Powder Blush, Posey provides a pop of pink in an all-natural, plant based vegan formula.
While the blush is TDF, the glass vessel is a total PITA :: The jar is small, on purpose, to prevent the product from dehydration + dry-out, making it tricky to reach Posey properly. Solution? 100% PURE's Base Brush applicator :: I simply swivel it in the jar, apply Posey to my cheeks, and blend with my finger tips. PUREfecto!

Gemmed, 100% PURE Gemstone Lipgloss Swatches

NEW! From the fruit pigmented innovators +100% Pure,
Gemmed, a lip gloss collection made of semi-precious gemstones:
Rose Quartz, Pyrite, Moonstone, Sunstone and Australian Opal.Join me on a swatchtastic journey, below, as I show off all 8 semiprecious shades. Please click on an image to enlarge for detail. These are #NoFilter pictures, and have a slight blue tint, as I have a high red spectrum in my office from the sun's light.