A CHIC Year in Review

My blog is going to 1 year anniversary tomorrow!
I was reading BeautyByKrystal's blog today and she inspired me to list my own top posts.  I have to admit, I was a bit surprised at the results. Here are the statistics and the links to the top 9.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as everyone else!! 
Here is to an amazing 2012 and another year of gorgeous blogging!
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 The Good, the bad and the ugly beautiful.

 It pays to be an Extreme Couponer

Home office by Home Depot.

A great drugstore find.

Join the Beauty Revolution!

Why we do 4 transactions at once. 

 Image courtesy of r3daily

Actually, you should.

 Zaps zits fast!

Which one was your favourite, Gorgeous?
Happy New Year!
Here's to another amazing 12 months of blogging!!


  1. YAY! How fun is this?! :) Apparently people like my ELF and Birchbox posts the most, haha. I can see why these are your top 9 posts, they're some of my favorite posts you've done as well. So glad you did this post, it's always interesting to see what people like to read the most

  2. hey! happy one year anniversary in blogging!! :D i look forward to reading more this year:] cheers!!

  3. Happy One Year Anniversary!!!
    Your blog is great so I look forward to another year. This is a really cool post, I love that color by Jessie's Girl. They have great polishes and it looks so good on you.


  4. I follow her as well, and I did the same thing on my blog! lol Happy one year anniversary, hun! Your blog is really great!


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