Opening a can of Get it Done.

I was painting my home office and as I was tweeting my progress, someone commented that they don't paint because of how much spatter ended up on the carpet - even though they had covered the floor. I want to share with you my drop cloth taping method, it keeps my baseboard and flooring paint free. Not to mention you will use 50% less tape!  Click the pictures to enlarge for detail.

I call this the next picture the SOS method.  The old dot and dash, where you tape the baseboard 100% and then try to tape your drop cloth to the taped base board!  Doesn't work does it.  You always tend to drop your drips right in between the tape, right?  Me too.

So this is my new method:

From this angle you can see that I adhere the tape to the top of the baseboard about 1/4" down, leaving the rest of the tape in the air.  Currently in the possession of plastic drop cloths, I hold the tape with my left hand and pull the plastic taught but not tight, and attach to the bottom of the tape with my right hand.  I repeat this around the entire room.  Having my drop cloths attached to all of this tape ensures my ladder will not pull it off of the wall!  How many times have you moved your ladder only to hear 'rip' like you busted out of your jeans.... to find your dragging untaped floor protection behind you?

And some paint can tips?  Using a hammer and a flat head screwdriver, I put the screwdriver on an angle and hammer 3 holes, each 1" apart along one side of the can, in the rim where the lid sits.  This is the side that I will pour from and these holes allow my paint to drip into the can, not settle in the lip or run down the side.  Ever sealed a can with paint in the lip?  You end up splattering paint everywhere.

With my edging brush, I gently go around the lip of the can to unclog the holes that I have created and allow more paint to drip down.  Have you painted your home or office?  That's my two cents!  What tips can you share?  xoxo

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