Master Class with Urban Decay

I had a hard time writing this story because my bad experience caught me so off-guard, I didn't know how to report it.  So I am just going to tell you my exact experience as the event happened.  The good, the bad and the ugly beautiful.

I made my very first purchase of Urban Decay in late August of the 15 year Anniversary Palette.  I love it, so much fun!  During my purchase I spot a post card for a "Master Class" and ask the MUA to elaborate... She tells me it is the first of that kind of class, I am going to learn the latest looks and see the new products with the ability to pre-purchase hot merchandise before it sells out.

The hitch... you have to reserve your spot with the purchase of a $50 Macy's gift card.  This guarantees that you will buy something because the MUA probably have an increased counter goal this day. You mean the $50 gift card I just redeemed on this purchase, that I could have held on to for 5 more days?!  Knowing I am a beauty blogger that would love to report this event, she tells me to not worry about it, she will tell the counter manger and to simply bring my receipt.  Which I do and I am greeted like a red-headed step child.

The account manager, who used to be the counter manager, was at the head of the black velvet rope checking names off of the VIP list and when my turn came, I was not on said list.  So I try to explain why with my receipt and business card in hand and she actually rolls her eyes at me and says, "I guess you can go in."  You guess? 

There are several rows of chairs set up, possibly a total of 50 seats and a small elevated stage and 3 product tables; not the 'class' setting I had in mind.  I stand off to the side, waiting for everyone to show and take their seats, showing the account manager that I am not plopping right in the front row - but that's what ended up happening since less than 20 people came. 

They passed a tray of mini cupcakes and sparkling apple juice to get the party started..... and passed me over.  Literally.  Think duck duck goose and I was the goose.  She got a cupcake, she got a cupcake, I was skipped, and she got a cupcake.  I didn't even want a damn cupcake, the chocolate cake and purple frosting would be in my teeth for days.  It was the point that I was treated second class.  And why?  You already had my money and a potential to have more!

The presentation was great, Eric J. has a ton of energy and you just want to buy everything. And I did.  I wanted everything!!  I left with the new coveted The Revolution eyelash curler and an amazing GWP, worth $75!  A GWP that was given to everyone that attended whether you made a purchase of not.  Everyone but me.  I had to flat out ask for it, and as you can see from the picture below, I have no problems asking!!  I do make sure that I am very nice about it.  "May I please have one" goes a very long way to getting free things!

Tucked inside the The Quinceañera Bag is full size Shadow Primer Potion, deluxe sample of Lip Junkie gloss in WallFlower, full size set of Urban Lash in Queen and deluxe sample of AfterGlow Cheek Tint.... a  $75 value!!  I have yet to use any of these products but when I do, their reviews will follow!!  

Thank you for listening to my rant.  Please keep in mind this was a bad experience due to one person.  Had she not been such a nasty pants I would have spent more money, instead I felt completely unwanted, paid for my curler and left.  *sigh*  See the GWP above? Never let a nasty pants stop you!  You have as much right to be there, get freebies and have as much fun as the next person.  Frosting in your teeth and all.


  1. That is horrible the way they treated you! I always look forward to these types of classes & if I were to go & be treated like this it would be a HUGE disappointment. I'm sorry you had that experience hun :(

  2. Thank you. I decided to post the story as it unfolded to show other bloggers that, this type of experience can happen, just hold your head high and be the bigger person. I didn't let her poor treatment preclude me from having fun, it's just a shame that this is what I took away from the event.

  3. Ugh! I hate when I get treated poorly like the way you did. Absolutely ridiculous. The class itself sounds amazing, but girrrrrl I would have gone off on the manager! But you handled yourself very well!

  4. I hate it when people in retail act like that, I'm sorry that happened to you. Being a retail veteran myself I always suggest going over their head when they act that way and getting their boss involved that is the last thing they want and 9/10 times their boss has no idea that this person is being a jerk. They class seems pretty cool tho the bag is definitly a nice freebie! Can't wait to see how you like the new eyelash curler :)

  5. When I encounter that crap, I remind myself that I didn't do anything to cause that behavior therefore I do not take it personally. That's how I am able to keep my cool. And calmly ask for freebies! I shrug it off and think, "I'm sorry she is going to go through her whole day so miserable" and smile. :) Vinegar only begets vinegar.

  6. Nancy-Lee, you're absolutely right about counter goals going up for events like this- I used to be a cosmetics manager at Macy's as well as a regional makeup artist, so I'm very familiar with them. It's not at all unheard of for goals to to be 5 to 10 times the typical daily goal.

    While this should in no way effect your experience as a customer, I can tell you that the $50 reservation fee is necessary to ensure that only customers with good intentions are able to reserve spots- otherwise 90% of the attendee would make no purchase and take freebies from those that would have. These events do cost money to put on, so for a location to keep having them, they have to stay profitable.

    Again, that should have no bearing on your expeince attending the event. If an exception was made for you, and the employee who made the exception was wrong, that should have been handled privately, between the employee and her boss. You shouldn't be penalized for someone else's mistake.

    Unfortunately, account coordinators usually report to the brand rather than the retailer (so her boss is likely Urban Decay, not Macy's) so there's really no one there to report her to. You can certainly contact the manager of the cosmetic department or the store's general manager to voice your concerns, and perhaps ask for the name of the brand's account executive to make your voice more widely heard. I assure you, if the account coordinator was this nasty to you, she was probably downright contemptuous to the counter employees!

  7. Can't believe she was so rude! Urban Decay are my favourite brand, and I hate to think they have a rep that is so rude! Glad you got your goodies though! :-)

  8. Thank you. For the record, this didn't impact my views of Urban Decay or Macy's. I like to assume positive intent and say, she was having one of 'those' days. ;-)

  9. I'm so sorry you had to experience that. It sounds so awful. I bought my first purchase from Urban Decay and it's disappointing to hear about your experience with them. I've always wanted to attend such workshops and see what it's like. Thanks for the heads up to what can happen and that not everything is all glory. Glad that you got some goodies out of it though :)

  10. that kind of experience will definitely deter you from making the huge purchase you were intending though. I always see lots of rude people work in customer service that really shouldn't be there!

  11. That's a major bummer! I know anytime I take a MAC Pro Master class, I have to purchase a $100 MAC gift card that I can use to purchase product at the end of the event. I didn't realize a practice like that could be illegal. I thought it was just the price of the class. Which to me is even more awesome at MAC because I also get to use my 30% off industry card.

    Speaking of Urban Decay, have you tried the Naked Palette yet? If you think the 15 Year Anniversary Palette is cool, just wait. And to top it off, Naked 2 is coming to Sephora right after Christmas. Consider yourself warned!! :)

  12. Wow! That's pathetic the way that she treated you. I'm glad you still had the guts to explain even when you were not "On the list". That really sucks. At least you still got your freebies!

    care to follow?

  13. To tell you the truth, I was hoping to become an established blogger with this Store. And when this "Class" came around, I thought it was my 'in' to get to know the MUA on a first name basis, report new product launches... blah blah. But I haven't been back to that counter since.

    She wasn't even the one that skipped me with the cupcakes, which means she instructed someone to do so.


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