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Keep your coupons rolling......
How to roll your CVS ExtraBucks and WAG RapidRewards to pay as little OOP as possible.

Let's use today's purchase from CVS as our example and see how I paid only $18.85 for $89.14 in product for (4) showergels, (2) powder drink mixes (2) Arm&Hammer dryer sheets (1) Vitamin D (4) Cranberry supplements (2) Finish tabs (1) Nivea cellulite serum (2) GreenBag Tags.

All of this for $18.85 @CVS

Now I have to throw a wrench into the mix, I shop for 2 people 
but I will explain the transactions clearly. 

TRN #1
Person #1 bought: (2) SoftSoap showergels B2G$5EB & (1) GreenBag Tag.  The shower gels were 2/$6 and the tag was 99¢.  I used the 99¢ coupon from the big red coupon machine to get the tag for free and I used a $4.00ExtraBucks from a previous purchase, bringing the OOP to $2.00 AND there will be a $5.00ExtraBucks on the bottom of the receipt for the next transaction.

TRN #2
Person #1 second transaction:  (2) Arm & Hammer dryer cloths @$4.79e B1G1F (1) VitaminD on clearance for $4.07.  I used (2) $1.00 of coupons for the A&H and the $5.00ExtraBucks from TRN#1 bringing the OOP to $1.86.
$9.58 - $1.00MFG A&H - $1.00MFG A&H - $4.79 (free A&H) - $5.00EB = $1.86 OOP.

Person #2 Transaction #1
Person #2 purchased (1) Nivea cellulite Serum S$15G$5EB (1) GreenBag Tag.  I used a $3.00MFG coupon for the Nivea and the 99¢ coupon from the red machine to the BagTag for free. 
$17.98 - $3.00MFG - 99¢CVS = $13.99 OOP AND there will be a $5.00ExtraBucks on the bottom of the receipt for the next transaction.

Person #2 Transaction #2
Person #2's second transaction was for the 2/$6 SoftSoap ShowerGel to earn the $5.00ExtraBucks.
$6.00 - $5.00EB from the Nivea TRN = $1.00 OOP.

$5.84 OOP
Person #2 completed their 3rd and final transaction: (4) Cranberry supplements (2) Finish dishwasher tablets (2) Pedialyte dry mix. <-- for my earthquake box!  
2x Finish: Was $6.29 on sale for $2.99 - 75¢ MFG
4x Cranberry: Was $14.49 on sale for $3.62
2x Pedialyte: Was $5.79 on sale for $1.44
$23.34 - $1.50MFG - $5.00ExtraBucks from the SoftSoap TRN - $11.00ExtraBucks from previous purchases = $5.84 OOP.

So 5 transactions later, I left with $89.14 in full price product for $18.85 after sales, coupons and redeemed ExtraBucks.  If I would not have purchased the Nivea, my total OOP would have been $9.86 - I wouldn't have spent $13.99 but I wouldn't have earned $5EB, either.  For me, it was fair since it was a product that I use.

Does my shorthand make sense?
Share your success stories here, they are very inspiring!
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