A Spring Shopping Spree at Valley Fair.

Warning: This is picture heavy!

Valley Fair has always been a lovely mall and the longer I live here the more it is becoming an amazingly couture shopping destination. I like to go to the mall to browse around and get out of the house. This day, I had a few gift cards and coupons burning a hole in my pocketbook... Join me as I take you on a little fashion haul, just in time for Juicy Couture's new store opening! They are relocating across the hall and I am attending the New Store Opening tonight - make sure you are following me on Instagram for pictures from the event!

Image: TheLimited.com
It starts with The Limited. My rediscovered fascination with The Limited added 2 bottoms to my closet: A gorgeous, 50's inspired pencil skirt. This sunshine yellow has been kissed with acid but not slobbered on. The shade is more electric then pastel. White polka dots and piping really make this skirt pop and the slit up the back of the leg is not only sexy, it enables more movement. I am 5' 2" so this skirt hits me mid-knee. I am now on the hunt for a flattering blue peplum top!

And to know me is to know I am a trouser girl. I like bold shades and variations of plaid so it was no surprise I had to have these amazing herringbone trousers. The low waist sits comfortably on my hips and the wide leg is perfect for my shape. I love the shade and the cut, they are both flattering. I plan on rocking these with a navy top but any jewel tone will work. ps- keep your shoes white for a mod/modern look.
Black is so expected!

From The Limited, I went down stairs to run through Gap and Nordstrom, which lead me to the back side of the mall and Juicy Couture. How could I resist the 40% all handbags sale? Obviously, I couldn't. I went in for a new iPhone case and a piece of bulky Spring jewelry and left with a beaded clutch, matching wallet, straw fedora and yes, an iPhone case! Hopefully I can treat myself to a piece of jewelry tonight!

Just large enough to hold the essentials: lipstick, iPhone and wallet and originally retailing for $148 this lover was on the clearance shelf for $49.99. When the amazing sales associate went in the back to retrieve a brand new clutch, she emerged with this beautiful wallet. In the same navy/white family, it is called a coin purse but holds more than coins. This sleek, thin purse is created in butter-soft leather. Unsnap to discover a place for your photo ID and 3 credit cards. In addition to plastic payment, this purse conceals a cash sleeve, too. And those coins, they are kept safe in a zippered compartment on the back. Retailing for $68 it was on sale for $24.99.

Do I really have to explain why I grabbed this awesome hat? It is so summery and awesome and the palm tree... too stinking cute. Plus it was $14.99. Holla! Navy straw is woven together and silver cord give this fedora personality. And it kind of matches my Fiat.

I lucked out with this case. All tech accessories were 50% off so I scored this 4S case for $14.00. It is a hybrid of silicone and hard plastic. I did not want an all silicone case, again, since my last one stretched out and eventually ripped. This was the best of both worlds, plus it is in this super pretty minty turquoise. Check out my Instagram feed for the original picture I posted: I have since removed the loose jewel and now I can add my new lanyard when I am at trade shows to keep my hands free and phone within my possession.

If you do not know, my first iPhone was stolen at The Makeup Show in LA. I don't want you to think The Makeup Show is unsafe, you simply need to be aware of your belongings at all times.

With a quick walk through Sephora and a lap around Bath and Body Works, I headed to Macy's since I was still hanging on to the $100 gift card given to me for Christmas. I have been getting more and more into shoes and knew that I wanted some Spring / Summer sandals or kitten heels for work. Sneakers don't cut it in the world of beauty. The shoe department was a mad house as usual but I was able to sneak through the fixtures and around tables until neon caught my eye. These are super cute and quite comfortable. Created by Tommy Hilfiger, the Baran sandal is true to size and features blue, hot pink and nude leather straps with gold toned hardware. The rear zippered entry features a matching blue zipper pull and the leather upper straps are fully adjustable to customize the fit to your feet. Retailing for $59, I used a 25% off coupon in addition to redeeming part of my gift card and paid no out of pocket money. Plus I have some 'credit' left over, hopefully for another pair of shoes.

I finished the day with a peek inside Pottery Barn and finally Victoria's Secret where I had $30 in rewards / coupons plus one for a free panty. My purchase was going to be simple: I had to spend $50 to redeem one of my coupons, so I would purchase 6 pair of Lacie hiphuggers, totaling $66 and redeem the $30 + free panty coupons bringing my total to $33 for 7 pairs of unmentionables.

Then I made the BIG mistake of looking through the swimwear section, where I fell in love with a swimsuit coverup. Funny thing is, I was looking for one online but didn't like anything I was coming across. The second I spotted this gem, I was instantly smitten. Very Missoni without being Target/Missoni. The jewel tones makes this so fun and fresh, I can't wait to wear it!  This strapless romper is completely sold out in the Bay area and also online. Even the cashier was shocked I found one in the store available for purchase. Sorry for the crummy picture, I couldn't find a stock image to share.

After a swing into Godiva for a few sweet treats, including a chocolate raspberry shake, I was on my way home!

So that was my haul!!
What are some of your favourite store to shop?

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