Mark Makes me Glow Baby, Glow!

When I was growing up, Avon was a big deal. Just about everyone I knew used Avon, selling Avon was very respectable and for the most part you loved when your local rep left a new catalogue, especially if a sample was included! Like most door to door sales, it seemed the older I got the less I saw Avon.

I came across Mark Cosmetics during my first few months of blogging. I was looking into affiliate links and spotted a series from Mark, which lead me to look into the company and discover it to be an extension of Avon. I learned from chatting with bloggers like that there are several people who sell Mark, so it was nice to see that the Avon Brand lives on.

One day during a meeting at Beauty Army Headquarters, we were informed that Mark Cosmetics wanted to come on board. I didn't really know anything about Mark or the products sold, so to have the opportunity to try a few items was super exciting. Even more excited was the discovery that they would be 'sampling' full size products from the Hook Up collection. Knowing the success of the Twin Set by Skinn Cosmetics, this was a sure bet to be popular with the Subscribers. We would supply them 1 full size product based upon their Beauty Profile and a Hook Up Connector and they would have the opportunity to purchase a product of their choosing for the other side, potentially from a fellow member who happens to be a Mark Rep.

Retailing for $6.50 each, we were able to offer 2 Glow Baby Glow glosses, Honey and Blow Kisses.  Not only are these 2 different shades, they are actually 2 different formulas. Honey is a creamy beige neutral that has a pink undertone. Very creamy in consistency this shade is opaque offering full coverage. It is very moisturizing, never feather off of my lips and stays colour true. Blow Kisses, a true red, is sheer and much more light weight with a lighter, sheer coverage. This is the prefect shade for anyone too shy to commit to red lipstick or who is in need of punching up another product. I find I use it on top of everything! Also super moisturizing, non-feathering and colour true.

Honey, Glow Baby Glow Gloss.

While the consistency might be different one thing is the same: they are not sticky. With a terry applicator, the gloss applies smoothly and comfortably. I think Honey grabs a bit too much product but that is my personal opinion. There is a scent of mint but it does not come with a tingly feeling. I find it to be refreshing without being overpowering. Each tube of Glow Baby Glow is 0.12 oz. I like the fact that I connect two products together or take one at a time. This has been an amazing experience and I am very thankful for the opportunity to try Mark Cosmetics for myself. This isn't your typical 'drugstore' makeup. I challenge you to discover for yourself how nice Mark Cosmetics truly is!

Blow Kisses Glow Baby Glow Gloss.
Did you select a Glow Baby Glow Gloss for your BeautyARMY Kit? Which one? Have you tried Mark before? If you sell this line, feel free to post your URL below for my readers.

Mark Cosmetics Glow Baby Glow glosses and Hook Up were BeautyARMY Employee Gratis.
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