Celebrating my Birthday with Deborah Lippmann!

Happy Birthday to me!!
Did you see my Instagram post?
This shade from Deborah Lippmann, Candy Shop,
matches my brand new Kate Spade bag!
A little Birthday gift to myself!

2 coats of Candy Shop.

I purchased this shade several months ago while I was on a big nail polish run at Nordstrom. I also grabbed the Run the World (girls) collection as well as Ray of Light, however, I have not Candy Shop until now. I have to be honest, it was solely due to not wanting to 'deal' with removing the glitter but after I put the first coat on then the second, it doesn't matter how long it will take for me to remove it.... it is AMAZING!!! I keep looking at my nails because they make me happy! Similar to the way you stare at a new piece of jewelry.

I found the best application is to apply in 3 strokes; Center, right and left. I discovered that this method allowed the glitter to organically lay on my nails. It is divine. The most perfect pink base for a birthday girl and just the right amount of small and medium glitter, as if my nails caught confetti. I admit, it is hella expensive at $18 per bottle. I have found that Deborah Lippmann polishes tend to thin/chip after 24 hours and while I see the tips thinning with Candy Shop, it has been 2.5 days and there are no noticeable chips. You really can't see the base shade wearing 'off' and I did not use a top coat and it is still shiny. I rate this 3-free formula 4.5 stars.
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