LashFOOD :: Vegan Eyelash + Brow Serum

I am reviewing LashFOOD original formula which can be used on both lashes & brows.

LashFOOD is packed with over 16 different types of performance herb extracts, copper complex, and essential provitamins to safely and drastically improve the appearance of length, thickness, and strength of lashes in as little as 4 weeks. Applied nightly to freshly cleansed, eye cream free skin, I only need to dip the wand when transitioning from eye to eye and brow to brow. This is one of those products that I wasn't sure was working but then 2 coworkers, on 1 day, asked if I had extensions! #working

kosmatology oil

If you like lemongrass, you're going to love @kosmatology Facial Moisturizer for oily skin. In a base of grape seed oil, it's blended with rosemary and lavender essential oils, which naturally fight bacteria and soothe wounded skin. Lemongrass Face Moisturizer requires only 4 drops for application and absorbs quickly and completely. Used day and night, my sebum has balanced and my makeup is lasting longer with zero oxidation. Pretty much a win win! 


On to bottle 2 of@weleda_usa Birch Cellulite Oil. I am sooo in love with this product. Retailing for $27.50 I scored 2 bottles at @tjmaxx for $9.99 each!


Almost finished with my mini@tartecosmetics Maracuja Oil. Super lightweight, odorless, and antioxidant-rich, Maracuja Oil hydrates my oily skin while it evens skin's tone. I highly recommend! 


Starting my morning off with@kosmatology Lavender Eucalyptus Botanical Bliss Shower Gel. This lightly scented, non-foaming wash leaves my skin silky soft without chemicals.

Stay Stretched At Home or On the Go with these Yoga Options

Missed Yoga Month?

Let's continue to bring awareness to yoga and awareness to ourselves and our practice. Whether you're new to stepping on a mat or you're at a level where you're teaching others, there are so many ways to enrich your life with yoga.

What I use to stay stretched

These days, keeping a gym membership doesn't fit into our lifestyle. Not only is it expensive, we found it to be a huge waste of time. We were spending 27 minutes getting to and from the gym, including finding a place to park, and countless minutes were spent looking for equipment never returned to it's proper place by other members or staff alike; It was as if people were blinded by the clutter of weights on the floor.

In a nut shell, we discovered Fitness Blender and it forever changed the way we workout. Whether you are trying to lose weight, increase flexibility, endurance and/or strength, Kelli and Daniel are there to offer more than 400 videos, recipes and meal prep tips, all for free! Looking for a program that you can dive into with out having to research and schedule the proper videos? Check out the Workout Programs : For $6.99 they have collected and scheduled key workouts so you can focus your attention on achieving your goals.

On the go? No excuses!! Yoga Studio is a wonderful app for your iPhone. With a variety of ready made collections, custom classes, and in-depth pose description, Yoga Studio is well worth $3.99!

Perhaps you need fresh air for your feet to hit the mat? Bounce online for a little research and quickly you will discover Yoga in the Park style community classes which are complementary, around your city.

Need more reasons to get active? Had over to Groupon and look for class passes in your area. I recommend looking for offers that give you 30 days try as many classes, styles and instructors as you can till you find the combination that works or you.

Share with me below how you're staying grounded this Fall. xoxo •Nancy-Lee

Turkish Delight : Sand Cloud Beach Towels

I am super excited to announce that I have been chosen to be an
Ambassador for +Sand Cloud Apparel
and I have an amazing discount to share with you!!
Click here, enter your email address in the requested field and we will send you a personalized coupon code for 25% off of your first Sand Cloud purchase!

If you're not familiar with Sand Cloud, they make the most amazing Turkish cotton towels which do more than keep you dry, they help our oceans, too. How? With each towel purchased Sand Cloud will donate 10% net profits to organizations such as the +Surfrider Foundation and Oceana who work tirelessly to make the world a better place for all of us by protecting sea turtles, corals and ocean health. Help us help them by purchasing one of these amazing products!!

sand cloud ambassador

Made in Turkey, these hand-loomed towels are 100% cotton and 100% super soft. Unable to resist the temptation of the email discount, I purchased a Pocket Towel in Aqua. Measuring 38x64" and available in 4 shades Pocket Towel retails for $42.  This features provides me with a zippered pocket to keep my keys, phone and cash out of sight, but available for easy access.

Click here to get your personalized discount!

Next up, I added an XL Towel in Denim to my collection. Let's face facts, it's nicer to have one large towel for 2 people covering the sand than 2 towels that move around flipping sand on to each other. XL Towel retails for 
$59.00, measures 60x80" and is available in 2 shades. This rich blue will be the reason nothing comes between me and my Sand Cloud.

Sand Cloud Ambassador
Click to enlarge for detail.

In addition to the 25% off coupon you will receive for subscribing to the beautiful email campaigns, you will also receive free shipping and free returns on all U.S. orders with no minimum to spend. Machine wash these beauties and hang to dry. The more you wash your Sand Cloud Towel the softer and more absorbent they become, that is the secret sauce to Turkish cotton.

How am I compensated?I earn a $50 store credit for every 4th person who registers their email address through my Ambassador URL and completes a purchase.

Thank you, Sand Cloudfor the opportunity to add Orchid in the mandala pattern and the brand new Wanderlust Tie-Dye through the Ambassadorship completing my collection in time for Beach Day with the girls!

xoxo •Nancy-Lee

The Best of Juice Beauty in a Bundle

The Best of Juice Beauty Bundle is the perfect gift for any beauty lover. This bundle is a great way to discover some of +Juice Beauty’s bestsellers from skincare to makeup.

This set of 10 products is only $69 ($99 value) and includes:
•STEM CELLULAR CC Cream Natural Glow
•GREEN APPLE Brightening Eye Cream
•GREEN APPLE Age Defy Moisturizer
•Antioxidant Serum
•GREEN APPLE Age Defy Hand Cream
•SPF 8 Lip Moisturizer
•STEM CELLULAR Moisturizer
•SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen
•Reflecting Gloss

Not familiar with Juice Beauty?
Formulated without parabens, petroleum, propylene or butylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances. Our products are never tested on animals.

Click here to learn more!

Now, that's one juicy bundle!

This post contains affiliate links.

Manduka Mat Renew : Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner

Mat Renew : Yoga Mat Cleaner.

organic yoga mat cleaner

If you've ever been in one of those nose-to-mat positions such as downward dog or child's pose, that not so nice smell... It's not the person next to you, it's your mat. When was the last time you cleaned your mat? And I mean cleaned?!

+Manduka Yoga's Mat Renew is a certified organic 
essential oil cleaning solution specially formulated to keep your yoga mat clean and smelling fresh. Mat Renew is phosphate-free, biodegradable, and does not contain alcohol or any other drying ingredients that will degrade your yoga mat. Simply spray it on and wipe off with a dampened cloth. Available in three scents, I purchased the easy-to-travel-with 2oz size for $5, each. Let's face it, you're going to notice the smell and want to wipe your mat at the start of class!

Tranquil Lavender:
Light, Fresh, & Calming. Contains Lavender essential oil that can be attributed to having properties that promote relaxation.
Smells of real, fresh lavender. Great for night time classes or as a  refreshener before shavasana
Energizing Gingergrass:
Radiant, Warm & Earthy. Contains Geranium Rose, Clary Sage and Gingergrass essential oils can be attributed to reducing stress and energizing the mind.
This is my personal favourite! It delivers a warm zing
Citrus, Sweet & Floral. Contains Bergamot, Frankincense, and Patchouli essential oils.
Rich with Bergamot, this is not a tart citrus but an earthy one. It smells like something you would find at Origins. 

Click any of the links above to purchase your Mat Renew today!
xoxo •Nancy-Lee

#BootyBootCamp : A Better Me is Coming.

As most of you do not know, I have Hashimoto's Disease and over the past 18 months I have gained control of my health, balanced my lifestyle and lost 40 pounds. I look at myself in the mirror and see a happy confident woman but I also see skin and muscles that need to be toned and made firm.

We booked a vacation to Mexico and there's no better motivation to get myself in peak shape. We started using +Fitness Blender a few months ago and have fallen in love with Kelli and her style. Then, Danny tagged me in a before and after photo Fitness Blender tweeted for their #BootyBootCamp series and I pounced! All of the individual workouts are free, so I didn't blink an eye when they ask a small convenience fee of $6.99 to coordinate and schedule the series, keeping you on track.

Click here to see +Fitness Blender's 4 week Booty Boot Camp workout series.

We started on a Tuesday where the 40 minute workout took 60 with the breaks we needed to take so we didn't die. Thursday wasn't any easier; I might have said a few thing I now regret. Sorry Kelli! 
I have adopted the new attitude, the time will pass anyway, and I mind myself of this when I want to give up or worse, give in.

What have I noticed? I am super out of shape. And I am using muscles that I have never used and it hurts. And I like it. And I am ready for more. xoxo •Nancy-Lee

FREE too faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Buy one Better Than Sex mascara, get the second free!

Offer ends 7/7/15

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE


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Juice Beauty "Juice Box" for FREE!

+Juice Beauty has a huge promotion this weekend, through July 5th:
FREE Mystery Juice Boxes

Spend $75, get a Juice Box with $76 of free product plus free shipping at Juice Beauty! Use code MYSTERY1 to redeem.

Spend $100, get a Juice Box with $105 of free product plus free shipping at Juice Beauty! Use code MYSTERY2 to redeem.

Spend $125, get a Juice Box with $130 of free product plus free shipping at Juice Beauty! Use code  MYSTERY3 to redeem.

xoxo •Nancy-Lee

This post contains affiliate links.

The Chakra Stop: A Calcite Twist

I love crystal healing. And I especially love wearing crystal art. Take this gorgeous necklace by The Chakra Stop for example. At the heart of the wire wrap is Calcite, a stone designed to bring inner peace. It's one of the most popular necklaces that I have ever owned. People gravitate toward it, they are mesmerized having to pick it up and hold it, discovering the weight and rough-cut that this Calcite features.

Click image to enlarge for detail.

Intergalactic Moondust by Urban Decay

My love affair with glitter continues. I only sprung for 1 item during the +Sephora VIB 20% off friends and family event, +Urban Decay Cosmetics Moondust Eyeshadow in Intergalactic, a medium purple with bright silver sparkle.

Click image to enlarge for detail.

100% Pure Seaweed Detox Bath and Soak

+100% Pure added a new product to their Bath collection, Seaweed Detox Bath. So, what is a detox bath and why do I want one?

A quick skim through the ingredient list and it's easy to see how intensely detoxifying this therapeutic bath is to your body. Seaweed Detox Bath is full of of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and necessary trace elements specifically blended to increase circulation, and stimulate the lymphatic system to remove heavy metals and other impurities.

Click image to enlarge.

Chakra Embroidered Yoga Mat Bag by Gaiam

I obtained my yoga teaching certification in the Summer of 2011, so it should come as no surprise that I own 4 yoga mats, in varying thicknesses and brands. What is a bit surprising is, I have never found a mat bag that I liked or even came close to feeling the need to buy. I just shove it in whatever bag I'm taking to the field that day and 'deal' with the fact it doesn't fit.

One evening we were making a quick run to +Whole Foods Market where I rounded the corner and BAM! There it was, this gorgeous Chakra Mat Bag by +Gaiam. Presented in a rich black 100% cotton canvas, the bag features each of the chakras embroidered in vibrant thread, with an exterior zip pocket, cinch closure, and an adjustable shoulder strap to customize the drop.

LATHER at The Domain

It was nice to see +LATHER as the amenity assortment during our stay at +The Domain Hotel for my birthday celebration. The 7pc set consisted of Facial Soap, Spearmint Mouthwash, Mint Thyme Hair Wash, Yuzu Bergamot Crème Rinse, Bamboo Lemongrass Body Wash, Exfoliating Body Soap and Lavender Lime Moisturizer.

I first discovered this collection when they had a shop on Santana Row. It has since closed but I make a point to stop at the Pasadena location ever year during +PHAMExpo! Danny loves their soaps! Their collection is light weight and lovely. Everything is natural and not artificial smelling or synthetically heavy, in any way. The cleansers do not strip my skin, the moisturizer sinks into my body skin quickly and completely and the hair care collection s gentle and effective. If you are looking for a true spa-at-home experience, check out xoxo •Nancy-Lee

A Sephora 40th Birthday Party Haul

I took a look at my collection of eyeliners and was completely uninspired. I had 4 black pencils, 2 brown pencils, 1 brownish-green and 1 silver retractable, and a liquid liner in purple.The only thing worth mentioning was my +Lime Crime liner in Milk. It's so awesome, I wear it alone.

Click image to enlarge for detail.

My Piperlime Picks include Kate Spade.

You've heard that saying, "Nothing haunts us like the things we didn't buy." Well, I have been experiencing this no-buy-regret since late Summer, when I first came across the +kate spade new york Skyline Glow necklace. Discovered at +Nordstrom, it's $349 price tag was well out of my budget. So I kept my fingers crossed that one day, we would run into each other again, at a much lower price.

After Christmas I made a mad search for the Skyline Glow necklace and while I came up empty handed with Nordys, I discovered it at Piperlime. Still out of my reach at $224.99. A few weeks pass and I forget not about the necklace but where I came across it for sale.

How fate intervened.
I have been waiting all Winter for +Piperlime to host their 'Take an additional 60% Off of Clearance' sale. Last year I grabbed an amazing vegan skirt for under $10 and this year, I hit the jackpot again! My $567 valued haul included (2) Piperlime Collection pieces, a sequins skirt and a gold dress, and at the last minute I crossed paths with that
 +kate spade new york necklace. Once I signed in to check out, it popped up in the 'Recently Viewed' footer.

It can't be! But it was! Hidden from main view, it was included in the 60% off sale and available for purchase at $89.99. I decided to treat to myself, as a 40th Birthday Present. In the end my cart came to $113.97. I redeemed another $5 Gap Rewards, earned when I purchased the jeans and tights at GAP a few days earlier, bringing my $567 cart to $108.97. What was in your haul? xoxo •Nancy-Lee

Widening the GAP on Winter and Summer Savings.

We were waiting for Lush to open their doors for business, +Gap took advantage of the early morning shoppers in their wing and let us in '15 minutes early'. +Franci was eyeing a red jacket in the window and I had Gap Rewards wanting to be spent, so win win!! While she skipped the jacket, I took advantage of the additional 60% off sale and scored a $19.95 pair of black ribbed tights with pin-dot thread embellishment for $6.39. They are a beautiful find to carry me through the rest of Winter. Then there was the matter of the $69 cropped jeans with a rolled hem, perfect for Spring / Summer for $12.00 after the discount! In the end, I redeemed a $5 Gap Rewards and paid a total of $13.39 out of pocket. Holla!! How did you do? xoxo •Nancy-Lee

A LUSH•ous Post-Holiday Haul.

+Franci and I met up at +Westfield Valley Fair the Friday +Victoria's Secret launched the Semi-Annual Sale. Also on the to-do list was +LUSH Cosmetics and the +Gap.

Click image to enlarge for detail.

So what does one buy when they have a $25 Gift Card burning a hole in their pocket and all of the Christmas Buy 1 Get 1 Free goods are gone? Everything else! This was one of my favourite +LUSH Cosmetics hauls - because I bought 3 new-to-me things - and I spent a total of $26.54, so my gift card covered all but a little sales tax.!!

Luminous Creme Lights by 100% Pure.

Of course I had to have all 3, I am the self proclaimed queen of shimmer.

Silky, illuminating creme gives you an instant, candlescent glow. 1000's of light reflective pigments highlight and gives your skin extra radiance. All natural formula infused with antioxidants and is entirely free of all toxins.

Click image to enlarge for detail.
Presenting Starlight, Moonlight and Northern Light, 3 Luminous Creme highlighting products by +100% Pure. With a doe foot applicator, they are in the same vessel as the Brightening Concealer which makes applying Luminous Creme easy and effortless.

My 100% Pure Cyber Monday Haul.

Click to enlarge for detail.

2014 was a much more conservative year for my Black Friday - Cyber Monday spending. In 2013, I made an insane 17 purchases but this year it was only 1, a +100% Pure Cyber Monday haul. Taking advantage of their 10 specials for $10 I grabbed 2 trios of nail polish, 1 trio of Olive Oil Soaps and a 2 For 1 Body Scrub Trio, which I split a set - and the cost - with a friend.

Mani Monday: Butter London Scrubbers Review

I had high hopes for these Scrubbers by +butter LONDON.

Scrubbers, our 2-in-1 wipes, are designed to strip away yesterday’s mani and prep your nails for your next bespoke nail creation. All with one little wipe.

I was test driving the new shades that I purchased at +Nordstrom +Westfield Valley Fair and thought this would be the perfect way to test drive the remover from my GWP, too. Instantly I was impressed with the thickness of the pad; I knew it would be able to handle the same spot rubbing over the nail, break down a variety of lacquers. It did a great job of removing non-glitter formulas, however it did not stay moist enough to break down all 10 non-glittered nails. I had to add some of my own remover to the pad so I could finish the last 3. I feel it's more realistic to use 1 Scrubbers per hand, and at 10 pads for $10, this could get expensive, quickly. Do I recommend them? Absolutely! They are perfect as an on-the-go remover or emergency packettes but I'm not going to make them my every time remover because of the monthly cost; I would need 3-4 boxes. I rate Scrubbers 4 solid stars out of 5 and will purchase a full box to have on hand. xoxo •Nancy-Lee

Westfield Style Beauty Haul: A day at Valley Fair

Time for the Winter 2014 +Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show. With +Franci by my side, we sat front row enjoying an unobstructed view of the latest work, play and holiday fashion as well as makeup and skincare specialties from the beauty department. We're always treated to a shopping tote of varying kind with water, juice, coffee and mini muffins and fruit to satisfy early morning hunger.

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