Chou Chou.... I Love You! Lush Toothy Tabs.

I wish I had filmed my expression when I used the first one. It was INTENSE. The initial bitterness of baking soda was unbelievable and nearly unbearable but the very next use it was like nothing. 

From the 2013 Christmas Kisses gift set, Chou Chou I Love You was included with cola flavoured Santa's Scrub. Click HERE to see my review and swatches.

This is my first experience with Toothy Tabs by
+LUSH Cosmetics . I am addicted. With a taste of lemons and roses, Chou Chou I Love You tabs are quite refreshing but not in a minty covered kind of way. They're solid toothpaste tablets you break up between your front teeth. They quickly begin to foam in your mouth and then you brush as usual. After a full 2 minute cycle of my Sonicare, my mouth and teeth were very clean and refreshed but I want you to know, have to rinse WELL. VERY WELL. I work up after the first morning with a layer of Toothy Tabs residue on my lips. Being honest. Learned my lesson. I love these. I used the entire 40 tab box and long for more. Vegan, preservative free and housed in a recyclable box, I rate Chou Chou I Love You a coveted 5 out of 5 stars.

Have you tried Toothy Tabs?
Which favour(s)?



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