A Victoria's Secret and GAP Spring Fashion Haul

It's true. I was able to get 2 pairs of Legging Jeans, one in neon pink cord and the other in pale salmon pink cord, for free. My boyfriend purchased a $100 giftcard to +Gap  as one of my Christmas presents and as a bonus he received a $15 giftcard. Of course as the excellent boyfriend that he is, he gave that to me too! 

On the last day it was valid, I ran down to the Los Gatos location to poke around and find something to buy. I was NOT wasting $15! As it turned out, the clearance merchandise happened to be an additional 50% off that weekend and I happen to find 2 pair of Legging Jeans, originally retailing for $59.95, on clearance for $12.97. The 50% savings brought the cost of each pair to $6.49 and FREE after I redeemed the $15 bonus giftcard!

You already know that I love to stack coupons at CVS.. Well, I can play that game at +Victoria's Secret , too! I purchased one of these hoodies in January and am in love with it - so I grabbed this one: Angels Have More Fun. At check out I used the $10 off $50 purchase from the survey found at the bottom of most VS receipts, $10 Angel's Birthday Reward and I had a free panty coupon!

Best part? They match!



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