Guarded Jewel a Vegan Lakur by Londontown

While this was not my first experience with Lakur by Londontown, (swatches of
Purple Reign are on my Instagram) it also wasn't the same outcome. I make mention of this because had it been my first, at $22 a bottle, it would have been my last.

Guarded Jewel:
Protected in the Tower of London, the crown jewels are an essence of British culture that merits guarding.

This Lakur went on thicker then it's sister shades. I applied base coat, 2 coats of Guarded Jewel. I thought it would be a good idea to accent my ring finger with glitter so I chose a Stila shade which was too pink/purple and even 3 coats didn't conceal Guarded Jewel. *sad face* Now... why am I disappointed? My index finger microchipped in 4 hours, my ring finger started to edge off and the thickness didn't allow the Lakur to properly cure so all of my nails smudged.

Because I had a much better experience with Purple Reign, I will not write this vegan,
gluten and cruelty-free. 5-free line 'off' and I am interested in trying additional shades. So you can compare, I rate Purple Reign 4 stars and Guarded Jewel 2.5. I'll see if a few drops of acetone thins the formula so I can salvage it, otherwise it's not going to get used much.

Have you tried Lakur from LondonTown?
Tell me in the comments which shade(s)?
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