DECOrating with Alchemy and LVX

Tantalizing and feminine, Deco is a vibrant coral. I love this creamy shade. It applies cleanly and streak-free needing 2 coats for full opacity and has a quick dry-down. I accent this look with Alchemy, a flamboyant gold. I like it so much I won't buy any other gold as they could never top this one. Also covering opaquely with 2 coats, it dries shiny and amazing. Deco and Alchemy lasted 3 days before the first chips appeared.

Simply delicious.
I love these shades apart as much as I love them together. I rate Deco 4.5 out of 5 stars and Alchemy a coveted 5 stars. I'll get much more wear out of Alchemy.

Comment below and tell me which LVX (pronunced Luxe) shades you own or have used and don't forget to +1 to share the swatches with your circles!


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