Seeking Platinum Perfection.

When I first came to California I was growing out a bottle-red mess. My dear friend took me to Whole Foods *don't laugh* the second I stepped off the plane and coloured my hair jet black that night. I wore it for a few years and had fun with the exaggerated look against my pale skin but a time came when I grew bored of black.

2 hairstylists and $250 later, I had the black stripped out of my hair and started a journey to platinum perfection. I was blonde once before, a long time ago and I was ready to make the journey - and sacrifice to my wallet - again. But this time around it was taking forever and my colourist was starting to piss me off. Images 2 and 3 are 6 months apart it looks like they are withing days of each other! She was starting to do a sloppy job and on two different occasions she stopped foiling to look at a menu and order lunch. All I could think was... I'm paying you to service my hair, not sort out your lack of food. So I confronted her about the time and lack of lift and her reply: 'Going that blonde is going to be very expensive.' Totally unprofessional. I left and never looked back.

So I yelp another colourist who specialized in platinum and she was AMAZE. I knew I was on the right road with her. But once my first appointment was over, she tells me she is leaving to travel Asia for a year and she will establish me with a coworker who can do the touch-ups until she returns a year later. My heart sinks. I agree to said appointment and 10 weeks later I am back in trouble. This guy had no idea what he was doing. I had to call him the next day and ask him to completely redo the lifting/bleaching and he just made it more orange. It was so embarrassing, so amateur. So after that hot mess, I stopped visiting that salon, too. If you're keeping count, this is my 4th hairstylist and 3 attempt to go blonde.

How my hair stays hydrated.

I went home and vented to my boyfriend - how could this happen and why does it keep happening? So he set up an appointment with his girl. This is my 5th hairstylist in 6 years mind you... She assured me she knew what to do and from the results you can see she clearly knew what she was talking about. It took 4 full processes to get my hair to it's current platinum: 1 double bleach and 3 full foils. A total of 7.5 hours and $540 plus $94 in product. Who cares. How fucking hot is my hair?!!! I am returning in 4 weeks for my first touch-up. So far with the use of the pre-shampoo oil, shampoo and conditioner by Kerastase, my hair is amazingly healthy, strong and shiny. I can't wait to be lighter. I am addicted to the shorter cut, too.
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What do you think of my new colour?


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