A faded Citrine dream.

This is one of the hardest reviews for me to write. As you know, I have a deep love for LVX. I am completely addicted to this Brand and own several shades over several seasons. I really wanted to add Citrine to my collection and when I saw the partnership with ASPCA, a 20% donation, I pounced. Unfortunately, Citrine turned out to be a 'miss' for me.

The anticipation of it's arrival probably deepened my disappointment when I finally saw Citrine with my own eyes. While it looks like a dead-ringer to the website, it does not translate to the same shade in real life. The very first thing I thought of was a faded school bus. It is not as vivid as I was hoping and in fact, I find the finish to look dull, not bright and shiny.

I started with Butter London Nail Foundation and went on to apply 2 coats of Citrine. This shade is actually thinner then my other LVX polishes. It was almost too thin, as it went on noticeably streaky and would have required 3 coats for full opacity. After the second coat dried, my disappointment was the drive to look through my polish collection for something to add a bit of spice. I came across Goldilocks Rocks! by OPI and used one coat as my top coat and it totally punched up the base shade with a kiss of golden orange - just what Citrine needed!

So, why am I *sad face*? I wish it were brighter.
I wish it had a touch more something, it is very honey, to make it POP!
Orange... green... something.
So now I am determined to make this $16 investment work because I fear I will never want to wear it again. It's too boring! It should be noted, Citrine, topped with Goldielocks Rocks!, stayed chip-free for 3 days.
Stay tuned, I'll publish nail art, using this shade in a few days!


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