In a Frenzy over Whip Hand Cosmetics.

The perks of following Whip Hand Cosmetics on Facebook? A 25% off discount to celebrate the launch of their latest series of Lip Hits. Well, you don't have to twist my arm... I am pretty much obsessed with Whip Hand so any chance to support them and score of some awesome new products and I'm in! I Ordered 2 Lip Hits, Frenzy and Itch, this review and swatch series is for Frenzy, described as a deep, almost blood red liquid lipstick with berry undertones and opaque coverage.

This shade is unbelievably gorgeous. I thought it might be this macabre blood red but it is more berry. Lip Hits have a unique applicator that resembles a spatula. You crank the base of this tube to distribute some of the product on to the semi-flexible spatula and apply. The spatula makes tight lines possible and keeps the consistency of the flow and application even. The one thing you should know up front: this shade is unforgiving to dry lip skin, I recommend exfoliating your lips beforehand.

The non-staining formula is very comfortable to wear and long lasting. And since it truly is non-staining, you can clean up any oppsies you make. The formula is best described as a hybrid lipstick / lip gloss. It has never feathered off of my lips or turned a different shade after dry down, proving it's high quality. Frenzy is sexy. I carefully build the coverage on my lips; crank out product, spread it around, crank out a little more, spread it around... While I start by using the spatula to line my lips and fill in, I end up finishing the same way; lining my lips. It just seems to add a finished touch.

I have not attempted to apply any of the Lip Hits without a mirror. I think their unique applicator and shades require a bit of attention. Maybe the more I wear them, the more comfortable I will become but I am not 'there' yet!

I am addicted to this shade. It is fierce. It reminds me of a high shine version of Norma, a retired, matte finish Stila lipstick from around 1999. I rate Frenzy a coveted 5 out of 5 stars. I am wearing it right now and feel like one sexy beezy.

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