Need a Lipgloss Boost in Your America.

Lips need a little hit of something special? Our full coverage lip veneers provide high shine, while staying put. These non-sticky formulas go on like lip gloss, but cover like lipstick. LIP HIT™ Lip Veneers come packaged in twist dispensers with flexible applicators shaped like little frosting spatulas. To use, twist once and place a drop on the center of the lip and spread it out for the perfect pout.


Who me.. Lipstick junkie? Perhaps. Lip Hit junkie? Absolutely.
Full coverage √
High shine √
Non-sticky √
Minimal skipping √

I took a leap of faith when I chose Bait, a stunning eggplant-purple metallic gloss, by Whip Hand Cosmetics. My pale skin loves saturated pinks and my lip colour of choice tends to lean towards poppy shades so this was totally out of the norm for me. Purple. How could one wear this type of shade in real life? I started thinking to myself, I work in the beauty industry so that gives me an advantage; people expect avant-garde. But once I had Bait on my lips I instantly thought, 'I could wear this every day.'

(L) No flash, no filter.  (R) Flash, no filter.

For the record, I am not a lip gloss fan. I actually stay away from glosses because I do not like the formula or the way they wear. I prefer lipsticks since they are creamy and non-sticky; two important features for someone who likes to talk, alot! The last few times I have received a gloss I have tossed it right into my donation bag. It isn't worth it to me to write a review and throw the product away knowing I will never wear it again. I can't tolerate that kind of waste! But I was assured this was amazingly non-sticky. I would love it. And I do.

I removed the cap and started to crank the base. Slowly at first, the realizing I wasn't really getting anywhere I started cranking quickly until I could see product moving up towards the spatula, about 40 cranks which is pretty standard. I had exfoliated my lips earlier in the day knowing I was going to swatch this shade for this post and I waited a few hours so my lips were not bright red so I was able to see Bait's true shade against my skin tone. I put a pin drop's worth on to the tip of the spatula since I wasn't sure of the consistency and whether it was staining or not. I didn't want to screw up and smear gloss outside the lines making me look like a 5 year old who has the telltale evidence of recently enjoying a grape icepop.

Lip Hit is thin and glides on easily because the unique spatula applicator makes this a dream to apply. You always have tight, perfect lines and I had a super defined cupids bow that I can only achieve using a brush when it comes it my lipsticks. I started off slowly and built this gloss up to the perfect shade. It is truly non-sticky, it actually feels comfortable and dare I say almost creamy. My lips are pretty full so my MO is to apply product to the center 2/3 of my lips only and let the warmth naturally work the product into the corners of my mouth but with this shade (and perhaps this formula) I felt it necessary to extend my application to my entire top and bottom lip. The full coverage formula was non-staining and stayed put without ever gumming up. Bait is non-drying, stayed colour true through it's wear and suffered minimal transfer to my cup.

I rate Bait Lip Hit Longwear Lip Veneers a coveted 5 out of 5 stars. Not only will I finish this entire tube, I plan on A) ordering another shade and B) after I swatched it, I went on to Whip Hand's site and bought 3 more things because I was so impressed with the quality! Stay tuned for that haul! holla!!! I highly recommend this product and this Brand - this is the 7th Whip Hand Cosmetics item that I am lucky enough to own.

How about you, Gorgeous, have you tried any Whip Hand Cosmetics products? Have you selected the limited edition Camo Collection from Whip Hand + Beauty Army? Which shades?

ps - that is a Tori Amos lyric!

Bait was provided to me as a complimentary press sample in exchange for this review.
As always, the above feedback is mine alone and the gift has not impacted my rating.
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