Covergirl / BzzAgent : Flipstick Swatches and Review

I really enjoyed this collection. FlipStick is not one of the lipsticks I would have gone out of my way to purchase and a big part of that is the lacking of staying powder and the fact most shades do not stay tube true: they usually turn bubblegum pink. While I did fall victim to this unfortunate happening during this buzz it was not from the one I thought: It was from the orange hued Stunner.

The lighter shades were too frosty to wear on their own yet the darker shades are amazing, I would purchase more of those! These are highly pigmented and very frosty and very metallic - not a look everyone can pull off. This is the best Covergirl lip product that I have used. They were moisturizing, non-drying and long lasting. I would recommend these duos.

Created by Makeup Artist and Covergirl Global Creative Design Director, Pat McGrath @patmcgrathreal these dual end lipsticks allow you to achieve the ombre look on your lips. There are 13 different duos in this collection, retailing for $8.50 each. I am going to swatch 3 of those 13: Stunner, Minx and Vixen. In each set of pictures I will show the product, the lighter shade, the darker and then the two shades together.

First up is Stunner. Described as bright pink and gold shades this duo is much more orange than pink, to me. It is bright, that's for sure. The golden shimmer is very sheer, it glides on smoothly and feels moderately creamy. The shade by it's self is pretty and sparkly without creating a foiled look. The bright pink side was a dry application and the lipstick it's self was actually a little bumpy. It feels more like an indelible. The shade is vivid; this lip colour is wearing me. Together is a hot look but without lip liner, there is no forgiveness for a messy application and this becomes very evident upon it's removal. Within 5 minutes of wear, my lips were stained pink. I have included an image of the makeup wipe I was using between swatches, from MAC. You can see where the initial product removed is bright orange and then my next few swipes are light pink. It looks like I was removing two different products and I'm not, it's just this one FlipStick.

Minx is very unexpected. With deep brown and golden shades this duo turned out to be much sexier than I thought the final results would yield. The metallic golden side is too metallic to be worn alone. My lips were screaming COPPER at the mirror!! The deep brown is my new Fall favourite. This is so SEXY! I plan on rocking this with a pale nearly-nothing eye. I wish I could detach this shade from the FlipStick and keep it alone or pair it with a different shimmer - like the one from Stunner. Both shades were smooth and creamy in their application. I found Minx to feel lighter than Stunner. Featuring moderately sheer coverage the duo was fun together and I liked that I could customize these shades but wowza. I think I'm going to be the starlet in the next Bond film: Golden Lip. This is not a shade I would have purchased on my own. In the tube it looks a little too out of my league. I'm glad I was able to try this, I will wear it through out the Winter. 


Dear Vixen, the 80's called and they want their frosty pink lipstick and and blue eyeshadow back. haha! I wish I could capture this pink frosty catastrophe of a lip shade in the right light. It looked like that old overly tan lady in There's Something About Mary. Frost bomb. But the flash on my camera made this come alive and look phenomenal by it's self!!! #conspiracy 

Vixen is a combination of burgundy and pale pink. I do not see burgundy, I see pink raspberry. The darker side of this duo is AMAZING! I love the shade, coverage and consistency. It is very smooth and moisturizing, stays tube true and did not feather off of my lips. Best news, it did not turn an off-shade nor did it stain my mouth. This is another tube I wish I could just have one half. I am so in love with this I can not wait to break this out in Spring and make it my go-to. 

Bottom line:
Together they are too much frost for me. For a younger age range I can see the late teens early 20's crowd having fun with FlipSticks. I like the darker shades solo and while I will use 2 of the 3 provided, I will not use the frosty side. I like the idea of ombre from my lips but there has to be a different way to achieve that look without a throwback to my middle school days. I found these shades to last longer then other Covergirl products that I have used and you can't beat the price. These are affordable even if you are only using one side. Overall, I rate them each a solid 4 stars. They are affordable, trendy, long wearing and comfortable. They did not dry my lips and they were pretty forgiving to my dry lip skin. I'm not sure if I would purchase more because I know I will not use the shimmer side but I do recommend them to you!

How about you Gorgeous, are you a BzzAgent? Did you participate in this campaign? Which shades did you receive and what are your thoughts? Thank you for your comment and don't forget to follow me on the right!

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