Skinn Cosmetics : Coral Poppy Twin Set Review and Swatch

Another amazing brand introduced to me through a Beauty Army Kit.
Meet Skinn Cosmetics, launched in 2002 by Dimitri James

"Before starting Skinn Cosmetics, I worked for twenty years with the largest cosmetic houses in the world. I found myself constantly frustrated with the way they did business. Unfortunately, the big cosmetic companies never seem to care about making quality products that actually help the consumer. Their “formula” was always the same: make a cheap product, put it in a fancy jar with a nice box and charge as much as possible. After learning that I was never going to change how those big companies do business from within, I realized I needed to change the nature of the very industry in which they operate." -Dimitri James

One of the perks of Beauty Army is meeting these amazing niche brands. You are introduced to some truly awesome products from companies that are off of the mainstream radar. Case in point: Skinn Cosmetics. This collection is currently available online only so a trip to your local Sephora would not have posed an introduction. This is where Beauty Army comes in. Skinn Cosmetics partnered with us to bring 2 of their most popular Twin Sets to the Troops.

I was offered and selected Coral Poppy, a spirited reddish orange, a perfect compliment to the colour of the year. The full size lipstick is creamy and surprisingly the rich formula with collagen-boosting ingredients is quite opaque with a velvet finish. The other end of the perfectly palm-sized container reveals a beautiful shimmering gloss that I swatched alone and over the included lipstick giving me a shiny, shimmery pout. It is packed with Vitamin E, Soy and Aloe to soothe even the driest of lips. 

Bare, gloss only, lipstick only, lipstick layered with gloss.

My Point of view:
I am surprised by the opacity of the Collagen Boost Lipstick formula. I do not know why I thought it would be more sheer but it does not take a lot of product for full coverage and I found it looked best when applied to the bow of my lips and allowed the lipstick to naturally smooth it's way into the corners of my mouth. The colour is true but it is important to note it is unforgiving to any dry lip skin. I noticed right away it highlighted my rough dry lips. Exfoliation prior to application is key.

Wet Lips Gloss
has an amazing shimmer in the tube but does not produce a glitter bomb on my lips. Truth be told, I wish it were more sparkly but this is a universally flattering product due to the lack of disco. It's thick and I had to dip the wand 4 times to give me the solo coverage I was seeking. I wish the applicator was able to grab more product on it's way out. For me, it worked best when I stirred the applicator in the gloss. I should note, when I applied Wet Lips Gloss on top of the Collagen Boost Lipstick, I dipped the gloss wand twice; once for my top lip and once for the bottom as I applied it to my bow, only.  

The genius of this set is not only is it convenient, it features a mirror on the side of the gloss tube to ensure the best application of both products every time! Retailing for $18.50, this full size duo, alone, covered the $12 cost of my Beauty Army Kit for October! With the convenience of 2 in 1 packaging, the fashion forward shades and going the extra step with the mirror, I rate this full size treasure a solid 4 out of 5 stars. The gloss is long lasting, it is thick and a bit sticky but it does not feather, discolour or gum up. The lipstick offers full opacity with little application but it's creamy, velvety finish is best when applied to freshly exfoliated lips.

How about you, Gorgeous? Did you choose Coral Poppy or Pink Tulip as one of your Beauty Army products or perhaps you purchased another shade on the .com?

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