Institut Karite : Extra Gentle Shower Cream Reviews

Several months ago I made a purchase on Hautelook which included 7 Institut Karite body care products. Two of the seven items were a set of shower creams, Mango and Red Fruits. Immediately I was pleased by the size of the products, 8.45 oz and the packaging. Extra Gentle Shower Cream is held in a square plastic squeeze bottle with a flip-open cap.  Worried I would break the cap at the hinge, I can say I used both shower creams, in their entirety and I did not suffer cap failure!

Created with 25% shea cream, this cleanser is of medium weight and medium lather. I over-used it at first, unaware of it's low lather, I didn't waste the next time around allowing these to last 2 months each. Milky white in colour, it is lightly scented and that scent does not smell artificial. Starting with Mango, it smells freshly squeezed, not overly sweet. My skin was silky soft, very smooth and the scent of the shower cream did not interfere with my perfume.

The unique formula of Extra Gentle Shower Cream moisturizes and softens sensitive skins. Delicately perfumed, it cleans in-depth leaving the skin soft, smooth and beautiful.

Red Fruits reminds me of an expensive hard candy. Sweet and tangy, something covered in powdered sugar so they do not stick together. I used this second and it lasted about 60 days, maybe a little longer. Prestige priced at $39 for the set, I paid $19.50 for the duo on Hautelook. Basically they were buy one get one free. I rate these Shower Creams each, 4 out of 5 stars. While I appreciate the vessel, formula and flavour, they are missing an umph that for me, justifies the cost. I look forward to trying the other products from the original haul, find them under the Institut Karite label.

What about you, Gorgeous, have you tried products from Institut Karite?
I was first introduced to the brand through BeautyARMY by selecting the
Rejuvenating Hand Cream as one of my 6 products during May.


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