Priti NYC: Soy Nail Polish Remover

I was super excited to try this! Not only because it is a 100% Biodegradable wipe, because it is soy based, non-toxic, not carcinogenic and contains 4 ingredients: Methyl Soyate, Dimethyl Adipate, Dimethyl Gluterate, Cymbopogon Flexuosus Oil - more commonly known as Lemongrass oil.  

Priti, a word in Sanskrit with several meanings such as: out of satisfaction, with love and pleasurable sensation. From one of my BeautyBox5 beauty sample subscription boxes, it came in a foil packet, towelette style - like a bbq wipe! BB5 is selling a 10 pack for $10 but I do not see the wipes on PritiNYC's own website. *shrugs*

I use it to remove my butterLONDON Slapper, which has been on my hands for 5 days and is structured with a base coat, 2 coats of colour and 1 top coat.  All of the products on my nails are butterLONDON.  The wipe is easy to remove, easy to open and is a nice size - not too big not too small but you have to be strategical if you're planning to do fingers and toes with one wipe.  The wipe itself smells nice and feels a bit oily.

I notice as I am working the wipe over my nail, it is removing the polish layer by layer. In the photo above, my nail is not yellow - you're seeing Nail Foundation by butterLONDON which is beige.  I was able to easily remove the polish, completely, off of all 10 finger nails and had I had polish on my toes, I could have used the same wipe.  I would love to purchase these but I would like more than 10 and a better deal thn $1 per wipe.  I understand the idea is to buy the full size bottles which are $22.50 for 4 fl oz  - that is the same size as Indie Lee's The Cleanser - but I like the convenience of the wipe.

These wipes removed my polish easily.  Yes, I had to put in a tiny bit more elbow grease but not an amount that was really noticeable - once it started removing, it removed quickly and cleanly.  There was zero staining on my nails or skin. Bonus: I wasn't gassed out from a toxic polish remover.

Bottom line:
Would I buy these?
The wipes, yes - the bottle of remover, no.
On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, I rate this wipe 4.5 out of 5.  I was completely impressed - I just have a hard time spending that much on remover and the wipe price is $1 per wipe.

I must be honest and say, I made a purchase of
Acetone-Free polish removing wipes from the brand L.A. Fresh, off of Hautelook a few days after I tried the Priti wipe.  I bought those, also 100% biodegradable, at a cost of $8.00 for 42 wipes.  I couldn't pass up that price @ 19¢ per wipe. Click here, to see my review.

What about you, Gorgeous?
Do you use polish removing wipes?
Are you a subscriber of BeautyBox5?

From PritiNYC:

The ingredients are derived from farm crops and do not contain any petroleum ingredients. 
Please note: The soy in Priti NYC's remover is a highly refined material.  It does not include proteins, is extremely low in fatty acids, and has no measurable DNA or other hormone creating structures, that we are aware of.

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