Hautelook: A Customer Service Shoutout

I made a multi-item purchase of Institute Karite on HauteLook and when it arrived I opened the box to discover that one of my items was damaged. The outer shipping box was not damaged but this tin of body exfoliater sure was.  Immediately I called Hautelook's Customer Service line where I spoke with a very sweet lady named Tiffany.  I told her what happened and she promptly apologized and sympathized with me about the damage, explained why they would be unable to replace the defective unit and processed a refund to my card for the cost of the scrub and tax.  Wow.  I was hoping for a replacement and expecting a credit on my account for a future purchase, not a full refund.  The surprise and delight was fabulous.

I hope you understand the point I am making.  Hautelook didn't do anything crazy; they did the right thing.  All too often we feel the need to jump on our soapbox and proclaim our injustice.  Almost as if we feel the need to fit into this I was wronged crowd.  HauteLook didn't jump on the tin of scrub, crap simply happens intransit. Vessels can warm in hot shipping trucks and easily become compromised. Bravo, HauteLook, for making my refund as easy as my purchase!

I have not discarded the scrub. I want to see if I can gain access to try and review.  Since I can not unscrew the cap, I am hoping the can is soft so I can work a flat head screwdriver into the voids and stretch the rest of the cap out and off.  As a scrubaholic, I'm not taking no for an answer!  Yet.

How about you, Gorgeous?
Have you had to contact HauteLook's Customer Service?
How was your experience?


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