butterLONDON: Slapper

HOT! I love this shade! Actually, I am so in love with butterLONDON, I am slowing converting my collection.  If you are not familiar with butterLONDON their nail lacquers are high fashion and 3 Free (non-toxic).  Free of: Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP and Parabens.  Starting Nail Foundation, I apply one coat and wait 2 minutes before I apply two coats of Slapper. Waiting a 2 minute wait between those coats, too. I finish by applying one coat of Hardwear, butterLONDON's top coat.

From the 2012 Summer collection it is described perfectly: A truly teal lacquer, bold and very bright.  You might be thinking to yourself, are her nails chipped?  Yes they are - I wanted to show you how little chipping there is...

Click picture to enlarge for detail.

These pictures were taken while my Slapper was 5 days old.  5 days!  I purchased Slapper at Nordstrom for $14. I rate Slapper 4.5 out of 5 stars! It loses 1/2 star because $14 is a lot of money for one bottle of polish.  I absolutly recommend this shade and this Brand!


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