Backstage Basics by butterLONDON

I was attending the Nordstrom Spring Trend Show March 31st and came across a tiny area of nail polishes where my eye caught a set by butterLONDON. Purchase the Backstage Basics box of Nail Foundation, Hardwear, Powder Room Remover and File then add your favourite colour and the set is $39.  This is a phenomenal deal as you're getting the polish for free: The included three products are valued at $39 before you factor the file and the full size colour that you are going to choose.  In need of a new base and top coat, I take the plunge and try something new.
This is my first experience with butterLONDON.  The base coat goes on smooth, I use only 1 coat, followed by 2 coats of my chosen colour, The Black Knight. And finally 2 coats of topcoat.  One coat just wasn't shiny enough.  :)

The first thing I notice is, it's a little weird smelling. But butterLONDON products are formulated without the use of the harmful ingredients like Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP or Parabens. The glass bottles are a great size holding .6 fluid ounces. Measuring 1.25" wide, 1.5" high by .5" deep. I like the applicator as well, it delivers a fair amount of product without worry about a blob of too much dropping down.

I took the picture before I cleaned my oppsies! Opps!

I'll use the base and top coats again today, as it is mani/pedi Sunday!  Have you tried butterLONDON? Which shades do you own? I'm moving all my polishes to 3-Free, are you?
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