Sephora Haul: Skincare, Body care and Brushes

I had to return the pink train case that I ordered from and I can't simply return things to Sephora - I have to exchange them.  Which always leads to me spending more then the returned amount.

I knew that I would have $60 to 'spend' as that was the cost of the traincase and I knew one item that I wanted specifically: DERMAdoctor MEDeTATE.  I suffer hyperhidrosis and these do wonders for me - they truly prevent the sweat from running down my arm.  Which is not sexy at all.  1 month supply, 30 packettes for $48.  Yep, I spend nearly $600 a year on prestige deodorant.  Because aside from Botox injections into my arm pits, this is the only thing that works.

I still have $12.00 and I spy the clearance section.  I'm in the market for some new makeup brushes and I really want another set of the Teddy•buki brushes from TooFaced... but this pack of 3 Sephora brand brushes are from the Tangerine Tango times and are now only $7.00.  Containing powder, foundation and shadow brushes it is a bulky yet protective case.  The bristles are natural with dip-dyed tangerine tips and lucite handles.  Comfortable to the hold, I was excited specifically over the Powder bush as I will use to to gain access to the remainder of my Chanel Narcisse blusher which is quite panned out.

Now I have $5.00 in credit.  I have always wanted to try something from the Josie Maran line but not the Argan oil, as I am addicted to the one sold by Shea Terra Organics.  But wait... What's this.. Blemishes R Gone Argan Acne Clearing Pads!  This is right up my ally! 60 pads containing Argan oil and salicylic acid retailing for $28.00.  See, $25.00 over my credit.  Happens every time.  I have no self cont... OH SHINY!!!

This purchased pushed me back into VIB status which I lost after I cashed out on a 500 point perk by Benefit, which can been seen here!

What about you, Gorgeous?
What was in your latest Sephora haul and have you made VIB status?
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