500 Point Sephora Perks

Let me super honest, I have only cashed my 500 points once.  I used to cash out once I got to 100 points and add another deluxe sample to my order.  But having to taking a shopping hiatus due to unemployment, my points sat. And sat and sat and sat.

Until one day I was in my local store grabbing my Birthday shower gel and making a small purchase where the cashier alerted my I had just crossed the 500 points, would I like to redeem my points.  I was pretty shocked at the freebie: It contained a full size blusher retailing at $28.00!

Little Look Goods featured Bad Gal Lash mascara, a deluxe sized sample in black, That Gal brightening face primer and Dandelion blusher, full size.  I chose to redeem my points specifically for the blush since my favourite, Narcisse by Chanel, has been discontinued.

Around Black Friday I was chatting with @ayeeRAE and she made mention of a another 500 point perk; A charm bracelet from Dior.  After she tweeted me a picture, I asked @KatNeves if it was as cute in person as it was in the picture and she assured me that it was so I pounced.  Well, I tried to... I only had 21 points.  What as I going to do?  I know!  My boyfriends mom is also a Sephora VIB, I wonder how many points she has....

So I sent her a text and sure enough she had well over 500 points... so we bartered. Having to make a $25 purchase to add the bracelet to your cart, I chose the BITE 5pc lipstick set, which she gave me for Christmas.  The bracelet is lightweight and super cute.  If you're a fashionista or a makeup lover, this bracelet is right up your alley!!  Included in the hat box was a deluxe sized sample of Dior Addict To Life.

What have you selected with your 500 points?
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