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Vegan Fashion. My first Piperlime purchase.

This is my #FollowFranci shoutout. Yes, I score amazing fashion deals and many of them are thanks to The Fashion Palate's sale alerts. Like this one: Franci updated her Facebook status alerting us to a +Piperlime  promo: free shipping and an additional 60% off sale merchandise.

I ran as fast as my fingers could type and scored this
Melly #Vegan Leather Skirt, lengthened with a chambray panel, by Rhyme Los Angeles. Retailing for $74 it was on sale for $36.97 and promo priced to $14.79. During checkout I discovered that I had a $5 #GapReward available which brought my OOP to $10.65 after tax.

See which awesome piece Franci scored from Piperlime and if you grabbed something, tell me in the comments below!

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