Day 2 of 30 :: Core Power Yoga

Core power yoga thermal tankToday was the day where it all went wrong and I was not making it to class.... but I pushed through, adjusted my attitude - which was more important them adjusting my schedule. I couldn't find my pass.... couldn't find the garage door opener..... Made 2 wrong turns. I started to come home and got pretty close when the +CorePower Yoga app saved the day. I logged on real quick and found another class starting only 30 minutes later. 

Since I missed CorePower 1 I grabbed another day of Yoga Sculpt, new instructor, new moves. I never recommend doubling down on back to back classes but I am determined to make the most of my 30 day pass. Am I ever glad that I did. It was divine.

While the class was the same quality as yesterday, I felt the room get a little hotter, faster. My muscles were on fire from the repetitious session and I hit those nasty THC deposits no one likes to talk about so first I got really high and then I was a bit sick. I stepped outside the sauna known as Studio 2 and consumed 20 ounces of water in 4 minutes while silently convincing my heart it was not in a race against Usain Bolt.

I returned to the room fauxly refreshed to perform some kickboxing inspired squatting moves, 29348 bridges, and a 5 minute shavasana.  I vaguely remember washing my sweaty hands, grabbing my shoes before I collapsed into my car wondering if i should call Uber instead. I loved it. Can't wait to go back tomorrow and actually try Corepower Yoga 1.

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