Emerald and Ash: Hubble + Cuddle Butt swatches

Based off of the Hubble Space Telescope, this silver foil polish was created to mimic the outer shell of the Hubble. The polish is also filled with gold and black flakies, which represent the solar arrays and various sensors that cover the telescope. This is a metallic foil that reflects light beautifully and covers the nail in two coats. Hubble can be worn with or without a top coat, though wearing a top coat will prolong the life of the polish.

It was impossible for me to capture the true look of Hubble: mixed into the silver chrome finish are flex of gold, barely detectable but they give this lacquer such an unexpected amount of depth. This is a textured lacquer that goes on a thick. I applied three coats to properly translate bottle to nail.

Cuddle-butt is a special polish made for our dog Emmett, who we lovingly call cuddle-butt. This beauty is a white crelly (cream/jelly lacquer) with a slight shimmer. It's full of brown, various aqua and teal glitters, in hex, square and diamond shapes. The teal and aqua colors are added in to match his collar. Three coats will get to you opacity, but wearing it over white polish makes it pop on the nail.

This was the first bottle that I pulled from the Press Kit. It really made me take notice of +Emerald & Ash. The suspended shades of glitter are stunning and I love that the inspiration for this hue came from their dog's collar. I started with 1 coat of Celeste, by LVX, which is the same shade as the base of Cuddle Butt. This was my hack for full opacity. After it dried, I added 3 coats of Cuddle Butt essentially packing glitter on to my nails. It's gorgeous. The shade in the bottle is exactly how it transfers to my nails. It's only slightly textured so it is not rough. I will add my HG topcoat by +Glisten and glow to lock it down!

Have you met +Emerald & Ash? Head over to their relaunched shop now and discover all of your indie lacquer needs. xoxo •Nancy-Lee

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