Squaring off with Sydney.

I opened the box and was not impressed. Brown? Boring. Lesson learned, I'll STFU. I don't know how +SquareHue does it. Each collection seems to be better than the last but it's not. It's that each collection is brought with the same quality and sophistication.

With another awesome stamp in our Passport Collection, September sweeps us away to Sydney. Featuring 2 micro shimmer shades and 1 creme, Join me on a journey down, Oxford, Crown, and Kings Street.

I applied 3 coats, each, for full opacity. I love the fall harvest reflecting off of my nails. It's simply scrumptious. 5-Free, the vegan formula is available through monthly subscription only, with nothing else to buy and no pressure to recruit. For $19.99 (including shipping) 3 full size bottles of lacquer are delivered to your door. xoxo •Nancy-Lee


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