I Love You to the Blue and Back.

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Stop Drooling.
I know, it really is that amazing.

I Love You to the Blue and Back, by Glisten and Glow is divine. Thick like gel lacquer, it features a blue holographic base with a variety of glitter shapes, sizes and hues.

Starting with a clean nail, it took a quick leveling 2 coats to achieve the opacity I prefer. I felt 3 would be overkill and actually take away from the beauty of this lacquer.

Part of a Las Vegas Press Kit, I already consider the HK Girl Fast Drying and Super Shiny Top Coat my holy grail so it should be of no surprise that I love the lacquer, too.

It's a bit rough, so add a top coat which will smooth and protect the finish. I'm sure you can figure out which one I recommend, Kittens. xoxo •Nancy-Lee

Click to enlarge for detail.


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