Star Powder 956 by MAKE UP FOR EVER

MUFE star powder

This is a turquoise lovers dream. With a golden baseStar Powder 956 by +MAKE UP FOR EVER OFFICIAL is a shimmering, silky powder that catches the light and gives the skin a unique glow. I wear these as eyeshadow, using Aqua Seal to intensify the shade and the shimmer as it locks the pigments water tight.

MUFE swatch
Top, with Aqua Seal. Bottom without.
Dany's Tip: "You can shade it off easily with an eye shadow or powder brush. Use a damp brush to increase shine and hold. You can also dab a small amount on the areas of the face that need highlighting: around the eyes, on the cheekbones, and over lipstick."

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You need such a small amount of powder, you'll think you're not using enough but you are and too much is an absolute waste. I shake a wee bit in to the cap and then add 1 drop of Aqua Seal and spatula #224 to blend and apply to my lids. If it is too thin add a wee bit more. This spatula is thin, so I can use the side to add wet pigments as eyeliner, too. I love this spatula!! 

Applied with the side of the spatula. No filter.

You need to build the pigment while it is still wet. If you wait and try to add more, it can streak the pigments underneath creating a splotchy finish. I'm wearing Caylin Shimmer Powder in Sienna all over the lid with +Stila UK Kitten on my brow bone and 2 coats of Physician's Formula mascara. Do you own any Star Powders? Which shades are in your collection or on your list? xoxo •Nancy-Lee

makeup review
Applied with the side of the spatula. No filter.


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