Anthurium, Maleficent MAC Collection

Anthurium Maleficent lip gloss

The first thing I'll tell you is, start with a lip liner. This formula is unforgiving to any type of lip wrinkle; whether brought on by age, sun damage, or even cigarette smoking. +MAC Cosmetics Lipglass skips over wrinkles making them very pronounced, especially when using something as dark and shiny as Anthurium Maleficent lip gloss.

Maleficent MAC makeup

Featuring MAC's signature vanilla flavor, 
Anthurium is the epitome of candy apple red. It comes out of the tube stringy but it is not sticky and applies quite easily. The wand is terry covered and flat in shape, it reminds me of the blow wand you would find inside of a bubbles container. This design made it very easy to line my lips straight and fill them in with product. For this completely opaque look I needed to redip the wand several times, it does not grab a lot of product so it's easy to build your lips to the color and shape you want or layer this in the center of your lipstick.

candy apple red gloss

What you need to know: It has ZERO staying power. A few sips of tea and all of the pigment transferred to the cup. I tried an experiment: I blotted my lips with tissue and it only took 3 easy blots to lift all of the pigment. I still feel a bit of sticky product but the red is completely gone. Non staining and non-feathering, I love the shade, it is like red vinyl, and am glad I purchased Anthurium Lipglass but I will not repurchase. Not being able to get through a half of a cup of tea is a bummer. I drink a lot of tea. Did you buy this gloss? xoxo •Nancy-Lee

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