A GlossyBox + Bergdorfs Bonus: Diptyque Paris

How did you spend your $25 +Bergdorf Goodman gift card from the June 2014 +GLOSSYBOX? I treated myself to something awesomely unusual and yet so helpful: a +diptyque Paris Wick Trimmer!  How many times have you jammed your scissors into a candle trying to trim a too-long wick only to gouge the candle or wax coat your cutting instrument? WORSE: What happens when you do cut the burn wick? Yeah, it sinks into the wax so now you have a candle with black blobs of burn wick. NOT SEXY!! This eliminates that! How? The cutting area is the size of a nickel, with raised edges. As you trim the wick, the combination of the wide platform and curb prevent the waste wick from dropping back into your candle. Retailing for $38, if you are a candle lover, you should make the investment in this Wick Trimmer, it's a frustration saver. Beware, Kitten, it is HELLA sharp! xoxo •Nancy-Lee


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